What is the Main Reason for Not Drinking Tap Water in Turkey?

We usually prefer tap water to do all our cleaning work. We can even rinse our plates, glasses and cutlery and throw them in the dishwasher. However, we cannot maintain the same trust when it comes to drinking tap water that we trust for cleaning. So why is tap water not preferred in Turkey?

This is not the case in many European countries. In many states of the USA people can meet all of their water needs from tap water. We can see an example of this in countries such as Switzerland, Belgium and the Netherlands.

Many people in Turkey do not prefer to drink water from the tap at home. For this reason either into treatment devices or packaged water. they are heading. Moreover, they cause us to spend extra. So, is tap water undrinkable?

Tap water needs to go through some processes before it can be drunk.

The World Health Organization first published a statement called International Drinking Water Standards in 1958. In the following years, some changes were made on this statement and it took its current form. In our country, the source of the mains water and The disinfection process is carried out by the municipalities and the control by the Ministry of Health. is performing.

The values ​​that must be found in the mains waters in our country are: to be the same as data shared by WHO is determined. Some substances used in the disinfection of water can cause confusion. For example, like chlorine, which we think is very harmful…

The fact that tap water is chlorinated is not as harmful as it seems.

Chlorination of mains water is a very important process in order to turn it into drinking water. However, many people that chlorine is harmful to health and therefore believes that tap water should not be drunk.

The amount of chlorine in the water is a point that should be paid attention to. Because it should not be above or below a certain value. When the amount of chlorine increases, this can harm human health over time. In addition, when the chlorine level is too low, your risk of catching diseases from the water may increase. In other words, as long as the chlorine in the water is at the specified level, it is not harmful to health; On the contrary, it is useful.

Is it normal to have a chlorine smell in the water?

chlorine smell

When you want to fill a glass of water from your faucet and drink it, you may smell or taste the chlorine in it. The reason you get this smell or taste may be that the chlorine has just been added to the mains water. However, as we have just mentioned, this chlorine level does not harm human health.

As a matter of fact, the chlorine in the system is balanced over time and you start to feel less chlorine in the water. Of course, since your senses of smell and taste will get used to this situation after a while, you will start to feel less uncomfortable after a while.

If you still feel uncomfortable, there are a few things you can do to suppress the odor and taste of chlorine.

chlorine smell in water

Open the water you fill from your fountain keeping it in your closet for at least a few hoursIt will help to get the chlorine smell out. At the same time, using the cold side of your faucet may also come from your plumbing. copper, lead reduces the possibility of absorption of substances such as

Does your tap water taste ‘odd’?

Because tap water is treated differently from other waters. Packaged water large many are not chlorinatedand purified water decomposes a large number of substances in the water. It is quite normal that the taste of the waters, which are subjected to different processes and preserved by different methods, is different. When you get used to the taste of the water you consume constantly, it is very difficult to give up this habit because the taste of tap water will seem ‘odd’.

Today, many people stop switching to tap water, even consuming a different brand of water he doesn’t like it. In other words, at this point, our habits also greatly affect our tap water consumption.

So why are so few people still drinking tap water?

Tap water

Generally, people living in big cities are very accustomed to using water purifiers or consuming packaged water. However, most of the water consumed in this way It does not go through the chlorination process. So even these waters, which we believe to be clean, are not innocent enough.

Besides carboys used repeatedly The water put into it can even be considered dangerous.


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As a matter of fact, although this is not the case in many of our cities, there is an increasing trend against tap water. There is a trust issue. Some problems that may occur during the distribution of mains water are also a big part of this trust problem. Due to these news, our hesitations about our waters, which the authorities call ‘safe’, do not end. As a result, we continue our consumption habits that we trust.

But our habits may not be the only problem.

dirty water

49% of the water coming to our homes is obtained from dams, 28% from wells, 19% from water sources, 2% from lakes and the remaining 2% from rivers. Even though the part where the water comes to your home from the source it is taken, it undergoes many processes and is brought to the standards, but there are dangers. it is not limited to this.

From time to time, dirty water may come from your tap due to problems experienced during the distribution of mains water. At the same time, if the plumbing of your house or the building you live in is not maintained, some harmful substances It can get into your water. For this reason, it is also useful to make sure that your installations are maintained.

So what do you use for drinking water? Do you prefer to drink water from the faucet of your home? Let’s meet in the comments…


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