What is the latest situation in Aptos, which has risen 2 times since the beginning of the year? APT Analysis

The US Consumer Price Index (CPI), which was announced as 6.5% annually in line with the expectations, gave life to the crypto markets. While the bulls are moving Bitcoin step by step towards $20,000 in the light of optimistic expectations, the altcoin that has been talked about in recent weeks aptos (APT) also continued to rise.

APT has doubled in value in just 13 days since the beginning of the year, with the upside move yesterday. Aptos, which closed 2022 at an average level of $ 3.30, is currently trading at $ 6.70.

After being listed on the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance, Aptos, which forced $ 10, had decreased to $ 3.15 with the downtrend since the end of October. With the optimistic atmosphere at the beginning of the year, APT set out on a journey back to its former summit.

Aptos, which quickly crossed the $3.97 and $5.44 resistances in 2023, is currently trying to cross the $7.17 limit. Despite a move to the critical resistance level during the day, APT took a breather as a result of a slight sell-off.

In a scenario where Aptos crosses $7.17, the next hurdle is at $8.29. However, if the bears prevail, a retest of $5.44 is possible.

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