What is Shock Absorbing Bumper in Trucks and Trucks?

The TIR accident, in which 3 actors lost their lives, once again started the discussion of shock absorbing bumpers in high vehicles. So what exactly is this hardware going on? Are shock absorbing bumpers mandatory in Turkey?

There was a traffic accident that shook the theater world, especially at night. The vehicle, including the famous actor Ceyhun Fersoy and the social media phenomenon Sergen Deveci, hit a TIR from behind for the show called “Distress”. Unfortunately on the scrapped vehicle 3 theater actors died. The treatment of the injured continues.

The incident happened, especially on social media.shock absorbing bumper” once again started the discussion. Many people argued that TIRs and trucks should have shock absorbing bumpers in order to prevent loss of life in such accidents. So what was this shock absorbing bumper? is there a requirement? Let’s take a closer look at this discussed topic.

What is shock absorbing bumper? Why is it so important?

Trucks and trucks are quite high vehicles when compared to cars. This height is especially backstroke cases cause major problems. Because when the car hits at a high speed, it goes under the truck in front of it. As the speed increases, the severity of the accident increases and the closer the car is to the ground, literally “reaping“.

This is where shock absorbing bumpers come into play. Impact-absorbing bumpers, which we encounter from time to time as steel alloy and sometimes as iron, are attached to the trailers pulled by trucks and trucks. Thus, height of trailer dropped by external equipment. When a car close to the ground hits it from behind, it does not go under the vehicle thanks to this bumper.

Photos of several truck accidents:

truck accident

traffic accident

traffic accident rear-end collision

The final state of the vehicle carrying the actors is as follows:


In the traffic accident photos above, the shock absorber bumper not having You see accidents involving trucks and cars. The common feature of the cars is that they go under the trailers. This type of traffic accident surviveIt’s often miraculous.

So how would these accidents have resulted if there were shock absorbing bumpers?

In the video above, hitting a TIR without shock absorber bumper (top) from behind and hitting a TIR with shock absorbing bumper (bottom) from behind the difference between you see. These images show the shock absorbing bumper how important it is enough to show…

Is shock absorbing bumper mandatory in Turkey?

As a matter of fact, there is a shock absorbing buffer requirement in Turkey. As well as since 2008. published in the Official Gazette “Type Approval Regulation on Fuel Tanks and Rear Protection Equipment of Motor Vehicles and Trailers (70/221/AT)” We apply shock absorbing bumpers to trucks and TIRs in our country. made it mandatory. In addition, there are details on the subject in the Highway Traffic Law and the Regulation on the Manufacturing, Modification and Assembly of Vehicles.

If it is necessary, why do these accidents happen? No control?

Impact-absorbing bumper obligation on trucks

As a matter of fact, there is not much the authorities can do at this point. Because the TIRs and trucks that are taken into the scope of necessity, in examinations are examined in detail. Impact absorbing bumpers that do not meet the standards are subject to inspection. not allowed.

However, the main issue to be discussed here is the standards. For example; For some of the equipment allowed for use, the European Union’s “ECE R-58” standards are taken into account. ECE R-58, 55-60km/h Very effective at speeds, but not so effective at higher speeds. As such, equipment that is suitable on paper can actually produce much more painful results…


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