What is PNG Format, What Is It For, How To Do It?

PNG, which is an image file format that is as widely used as JPG and JPEG in the digital world, is the most preferred format especially by web designers because it offers many different advantages over other known file formats. Let’s see step-by-step details of questions such as what a PNG is, what it does, how to open it, how to make it.

There are certain conditions necessary for the storage of each file you create in the digital world. These conditions are provided by different file formats. However, they differ as each offers different formats. One of the file formats you can use to store your images is the PNG format. PNG is as widely used as JPEG and JPG. It also offers many different advantages.

The PNG file format is the most used format, especially by web designers, due to its many different advantages such as lossless storage of images and supporting transparency. PNG files can be opened easily or easily created via online services or other programs. Bride PNG what is it, what does it do, how to open it, how to do it Let’s see step-by-step details of the frequently asked questions.

What is PNG, what is it for, how is it made?

First of all, what is PNG?

Portable Network Graphics, PNG for short, Portable Network Graphics in Turkish; It is an image file format used for image storage. PNG, which is the most used image storage format after JPG and JPEG file formats, offers many advantages unlike other image file formats. For this reason, it is a format that is used extensively, especially by web designers.

What does PNG do, what are its advantages?

PNG stores images, it’s that simple actually. But all image file formats do this. So what does PNG do? The biggest advantage of using the PNG file format is, that images can be stored losslessly. JPG and similar file formats cause a great deal of loss when compressing images. PNG, however, does this compression losslessly. This is why most of the time the PNG file size is much higher.

Another advantage of using PNG is promotes transparency that is. We don’t want every image we use to be on a background of a certain color. Sometimes we just need an object image and want to put it wherever we want. Here PNG supports hiding that object on a transparent background. This is the biggest reason why logos and similar drawings prepared by graphic designers are stored as PNG.

Because PNG is a successor to the GIF file format, they are often compared. But there is a big difference between them because PNG certainly does not support moving images. Most of the time, there is no such need for images that are already stored as PNG. Both graphic designers and web designers prefer to use images in PNG file format, as it stores images losslessly and most importantly supports transparency.


How to open PNG file?

In fact, it would be much more accurate to ask this question as how the PNG file cannot be opened, because PNG files are extremely easy to open in any way you can think of. PNG files can be opened by the built-in photo viewing and editing programs on Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, Linux and any other device you can think of.

If the photo viewer application you are using somehow could not open the PNG file in question, immediately open that file. Drag and drop it onto your internet browser window. The PNG file will open in seconds. You can also use one of the following programs to open and edit PNG files;

  • Microsoft Paint
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • IrfanView
  • FastStone Image Viewer
  • XnView


How to convert PNG?

  • Step #1: Open the file you want to convert to PNG format in Windows Paint.
  • Step #2: Click the File tab.
  • Step #3: Click on Save As.
  • Step #4: Click on PNG.
  • Step #5: Type the file name.
  • Step #6: Specify the destination folder.
  • Step #7: Open the Convertio website via the link here.
  • Step #8: Upload the file you want to convert to PNG format on the platform.
  • Step #9: Select the format to convert to PNG.
  • Step #10: Complete the action.
  • Step #11: Download your PNG file to your computer.

png paint

To convert your files in different visual formats to PNG file format, just follow the steps above. Windows Paint, programs like Adobe Photoshop and websites like Convertio You can convert your existing image to PNG file format. However, you cannot create a PNG file with a transparent background using this method.

How to make a PNG file? Websites where you can create PNG:

  • Kapwing
  • Adobe Express
  • WonderShare
  • Online PNG Tools
  • remove bg



You can download different visual files on the internet for free without downloading any program to your computer. You can use it to convert to PNG file format. To use the Kapwing platform, one of the websites, all you have to do is upload your own file and start the process. Although it varies according to the image quality, the image you upload will be converted to PNG format in seconds.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express

Developed by Adobe, Adobe Express is an online and completely free application. It is a PNG conversion and rendering platform. After opening the Adobe Express website, simply upload the image you want to convert and start the process. As in Kapwing, the background of your image will be made transparent and converted to a PNG file. Of course, the quality of this process is determined by the background reciprocity of your image.



The PNG Maker tool, which you can access on the WonderShare website, allows you to create your different images. making the background transparent It converts it into a PNG file. Just open the site and upload the image you want to convert. The WonderShare PNG Maker tool is completely free.

Online PNG Tools

Online PNG Tools

Online PNG Tools has an extremely simple interface. You want to convert to PNG file with copy paste or drag and drop method. after uploading the image to the site then you see the almost instant converted version on the side. Depending on the background complexity, the result of the transparency process may vary.

remove bg

remove bg

You can also convert your images in many different formats to PNG files online in seconds for free. just like other platforms, it makes the background of the image transparent. If you wish, you can download the Remove bg application and use it in sync with other programs.

File format that offers much more advantageous features than other visual formats What is PNG, what is it for, how to convert, how to create We have listed the websites you can use by answering frequently asked questions.

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