What is Lean Internet, What is the Difference with ADSL?

You may remember that once every house had a fixed line and even the internet connection was provided through that line. If you say that there is no one who uses e-fixed lines, how does the internet connection come, the answer to this question is the plain internet, also known as nDSL. Let’s take a closer look at what simple internet is and examine the questions like how to connect the internet without a phone line.

Although internet connection has been used in the world and in our country for many years, it only started to become widespread in the 2000s by reaching the end user. There will be those who will remember at that time, every house had a fixed telephone line and the internet connection was provided through this line. With the proliferation of mobile phones When the need for a fixed line is eliminated bare internet, also called nDSL, remained.

Lean internet, as the name suggests, refers to a line that only provides internet connection. It may seem strange to those unfamiliar with having a landline phone line at home, but lean internet has been considered a new step in technology. Yes it was, but it is still not used properly in our country. Bride what is lean internet, how to connect internet without phone line, Let’s examine the curious questions such as what are the differences with other internet connections.

Let’s start with the basics; What is lean internet?

Naked Digital Subscriber Line with its full name, nDSL for short, plain internet in Turkish; in its most basic definition, from a telephone line without a landline connection it is only the name of the system from which the internet connection is received. In other words, when you only get an internet connection over the cable line to your home, not with a fixed phone line, this situation is called bare internet.

Fine, but what exactly does lean internet mean?

Let’s talk a little bit about the non-lean internet for you to understand the lean internet better. When internet connection was not common, every house had a fixed telephone line. With ready cables installed Internet service providers, many of which also provide telephone service, have also distributed the Internet connection to users over these cables. This situation caused such a problem that people who did not have a fixed phone line at home could not get an internet connection.

Both the internet and the phone connection came over a single cable, they were separated through the DLS filter and offered the connection in this way. However when there is no fixed telephone line at the user’s home this could not get the internet and it was not possible to connect only the internet to the house, since two connections were given through a single cable. Thanks to nDLS, or plain internet, it has become possible to carry only an internet connection without a phone connection.

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So what is the difference between bare internet and ADSL?

In ADSL, VDSL, nDSL, that is, bare internet, it is actually the DLS (internet connection) that is carried to our homes via copper cables. They basically look the same However, as we explained above, the internet connection obtained by passing two connections from a single cable through the DLS filter is called ADSL and VDSL, and the only internet connection coming from a single cable is called nDSL, that is, bare internet.

This is not the only difference between them. ADSL has a much lower bandwidth as it shares its connection with the telephone line. nDSL is bare internet It has its own bandwidth. But in our country, of course, technical definitions are not always valid. Unfortunately, when we compare the nDSL values ​​in Turkey with those in Europe, our situation is not so bright.

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Ok so far, but bare internet or fiber internet?

Fiber internet is one of the newest internet connection types in the world and in our country. Not over old copper telephone cables as in the classical system, transported over special fiber cables. It offers a much faster and wider bandwidth than ADSL, VDSL and nDSL bare internet.

Of course, if your question is which one you should choose, the choice is not always up to you at this point. Unfortunately, fiber internet infrastructure has not been moved everywhere yet. but there is a bare internet connection almost everywhere. Moreover, fiber internet package prices are much higher than other internet prices. In other words, you should do some research and choose the system that suits your budget and infrastructure.

How to switch to lean internet?

First of all, by applying the methods we have explained in our article here before, check if there is internet infrastructure in the area and if not you have to apply. But let’s say you already have an internet connection, but you want to switch to bare internet, you need to contact your internet service provider for this.

Some internet service providers offer their users packages with both a fixed phone line and an internet connection, and There may not be individual internet packages. If your current provider does not have a bare internet package, you can contact different service providers, but if your current provider also provides such a service, you can change the package.

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How to connect internet without phone line?

The answer to the question of how to connect to the internet without a phone line is actually the same as the answer to the question of how to switch to the simple internet. Contact your current or alternative internet service providers and you will change your package. If there is no internet connection in your home, your service provider will install the necessary bare internet cable system and bring internet to your home. It’s actually a pretty easy process, don’t be intimidated.

Is the lean internet advantageous or a system?

If we compare it with the classical ADSL system, yes, plain internet is a much more advantageous system. First of all, users In order to use the bare internet, they also do not have to pay a fixed phone line fee. Even if it seems like a small detail, many users actually complain about this kind of situation.

As for another advantage of nDSL bare internet, of course, bandwidth. lean internet, It offers higher bandwidth than ADSL connection. It’s higher, of course, but we’re not talking about a bandwidth or speed that you will overestimate.

If we are making the said comparison between fiber internet and plain internet, the answer is fiber internet. Fiber internet unquestionably offers its users a much faster internet connection. Of course, the package prices are slightly higher and there is no fiber internet connection everywhere, but if you have the opportunity, fiber internet will be much more advantageous.

The internet connection is carried alone, not with the telephone line. what is lean internet, what is the difference with ADSL We talked about the details you need to know about the subject by answering frequently asked questions. If you are using the plain internet, you can share your experience in the comments.

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