What Is Known About Cardano’s Coming Soon DUST Altcoin?

Cardano (ADA) recently launched Midnight, a zero-knowledge data protection-based sidechain, and an upcoming altcoin DUST introduced.

While more details about Midnight continue to come, little or nothing is known about its token Dust. This has caused many Cardano users to wonder what the DUST token might be about and its subsequent use cases.

There is also speculation as to what will happen to ADA, the native cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain, when DUST is released.

DUST Will Run On A Different Chain From Cardano Blockchain

In response to these speculations, Cardano-focused Twitter account ADA whale shared what it knows so far about the DUST token. He believes that the DUST token will not devalue the ADA cryptocurrency as it exists on a different chain and needs to gain importance like all other tokens.

It also added, “ADA’s maximum supply and emissions schedule remains unchanged, and DUST will never give you a claim on the Cardano consensus or income statement.”

In response to the possible use of DUST as a gas fee on the Midnight blockchain, the ADA whale said, “I think that’s the point, yes.”

However, users should be wary of scams or fake tokens as DUST has not yet been released.

According to its official website, Midnight will be a data protection-based blockchain that secures sensitive business and personal data while protecting essential freedoms of organisation, trade and expression.

*Not investment advice.

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