What is Cindicator? What Does CND Do?

What is Cindicator? Cindicator is a blockchain project with a hybrid financial forecasting system for institutional and individual investors. In this article, you can find answers to frequently asked questions such as what Cindicator is, how does it work, what is CND, what does it do and how to get it. cryptocoin.com We have compiled it for you.

What is Cindicator?

Cindicator is a Blockchain project released in 2015. The project combines artificial intelligence (AI) and human forecasting to provide financial forecasts. By doing this, it aims to provide its users with the best market data and insights. Cindicator’s team called this model “hybrid intelligence.” Accordingly, they think that the combination of human and artificial intelligence is the future of prediction markets. In 2019, the network was generating more than 400,000 predictions per month using more than 30 AI algorithms. In addition to these, the project running on Ethereum also has a utility token called CND.

How does Cindicator work?

Cindicator users answer finance questions on a daily basis and make their own predictions about various financial instruments. Estimates; It includes the price level of a number of popular assets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, futures and stocks. Users also make predictions about key economic events and financial indices that affect the market, including macroeconomic indicators, elections and interest rates. After that, AI analyzes users’ predictions. AI puts more weight on the more accurate estimators. Accordingly, the AI ​​runs trading simulations to determine the profitability of each analyst’s responses. In addition, CND rewards its users at the end of each month. The amount of rewards users receive depends on the accuracy of their predictions.

What is CND? What does it do?

CND is the utility token of the Cindicator platform. It is produced with ERC-20, a smart contract on the Ethereum network. CND has multiple use cases within the network. CND primarily ensures fair distribution within the network. It allows democratic access to highly accurate predictive analytics. It also creates a governance system, allowing all participants in the ecosystem to be involved in the strategic decision-making process. All data collected and analyzed by AI is made available to CND holders.

This data is distributed to users through two different products. The first of these is the Cindicator bot. This bot has four access levels that require 5,000 CND tokens for entry level access. The top Expert level requires ownership of 700,000 CND tokens. There is also the Cryptometer, which offers cryptocurrency arbitrage opportunities and automatically tracks 5 crypto exchanges and 18 cryptocurrency pairs. Cryptometer is a product that can only be used by those with a CND balance of 1 million CND or more. In addition, all rewards from predictions are given to users as CND and ETH.

What is Cindicator? How to get CND?

Investors interested in the Cindicator project should find a cryptocurrency exchange where the CND coin is listed. These exchanges include HitBTC and Uniswap. Investors must become a member of one of the aforementioned cryptocurrency exchanges and verify their accounts. Then, they need to deposit an asset in their wallet that matches their CND parity. After performing all these operations, they can purchase the token.

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