What is BTU Protocol? What Does BTU Do?

BTU Protocol is the first decentralized booking protocol that empowers a developer or company to become a booking platform. In this article, as Kriptokoin.com, “What is BTU Protocol?” We will answer the question. In addition to these, we will touch on all the questions about the project.

What is BTU Protocol? What does BTU do?

The protocol is described as the first open source peer-to-peer reservation protocol. Thanks to the protocol, service providers connect with their customers. It also reduces the number of intermediaries. In this way, service providers can create more attractive as well as more profitable offers for consumers.

It also requires the use of BTU Token, the crypto asset that serves as a share for guarantee reservations. Payments for services are made as usual. BTU Token is an incentive for developers to build or embed reservation services on top of their existing services. As more companies join the reservation industry, the existing centralized “winner takes all” booking platforms are increasing competition.

What is the purpose of the project?

Mission of the project; is to create an open source, standardized decentralized reservation protocol with reference applications that can be used by participants in accommodation, travel, finance, health, retail, automotive and many other sectors.


Although crypto currency trading phenomena think that BTU Coin will be the future, it is useful to approach it carefully. Because, as in every crypto money, the stock market is 24 hours and BTU Protocol has the risk of falling tomorrow while BTU increases today.

In terms of its short-term future, the market volume reaching $30,196.00 can be interpreted as a green light. However, we can see that the closer it gets to the $30,196.00 levels, it will push the USD 0.83 resistance point.

What are the advantages?

  • The platform has a public inventory and an open protocol, allowing fair competition among a larger number of market participants, reducing operational costs.
  • All platforms implementing the BTU protocol can benefit from a hybrid approach combining on-chain smart contract and off-chain software components, providing greater scalability.
  • In addition, the BTU protocol includes an ERC-20 Token (BTU Token) that works with the ERC-808 standard reservation smart contract.

What is BTU Protocol? How to buy BTU?

Exchanges that can be traded with BTU at the moment; It is fatbtc. To purchase coins, these steps are followed:

First of all, access the web/mobile application of the exchange that lists the BTU you selected as the first step. Then complete the account opening steps of the exchange. Complete the next step, the authentication and approval process. Follow the steps of the exchange, which is the next step, to deposit funds. As the last step, choose BTU Coin with the balance amount you want and create a purchase order. Store it in your trusted accounts.

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