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ASMRhas been a trend that has attracted a lot of attention in social media lately. YouTube Various videos shot by content producers in line with the interest and desire of the audience contributed greatly to this reputation. well this ASMR what does it mean? This type of content, which is created by making different types of sounds close to the microphone, is divided into many branches. The fact that it has a wide variety has even enabled the emergence of content producers who are only suitable for this concept within YouTube.

Turkish of the trend, which stands for ”Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response”autonomous sensory meridian responseis ”. Sheffield and Manchester Metropolitan University, ASMR did research on it. The results revealed that videos are often used to fall asleep, relax, or relieve stress. Doctor Poerioexplained that the works had a really relaxing effect on the listeners. He added that music and sounds lower the heart rhythm of people and calm them down.

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How is ASMR done and what are its types?

ASMR there are many types of creative content in his videos. Some of these videos, shot using different techniques, items and triggers, are especially watched. We have gathered the most popular of them under a few titles. Whisper or docile speech: In this type of content, tone of voice, emphasis, emotion and also speed of speech are at the forefront. You need to speak slowly and say what you are about to say in a calm and clear manner.

Touch or draw with fingernails: It is a technique applied by touching any substance or directly the microphone itself, by running one’s nails. Especially the trend of the time slime videos are leading the way. Contents such as paper crumpling, tearing, packaging sounds attract a lot of attention.

Eating sounds: ASMR Eating and drinking sounds, one of the most popular genres in the world, mukbang Also known by name. Especially, foods that will crackle or smack while eating are preferred. In addition, there are also videos focused only on the voice of the mouth. Role play: The sounds of actions that you will enjoy doing in normal life and that will relax you are also popular. ASMR from types. It generally has a content consisting of personal activities such as haircuts, shaving, spa and massage.

All ASMR types

What does it take to be a successful ASMRtist on YouTube?

ASMRtist aspect YouTubeIf you want to produce content in , there are steps you need to follow and points you need to pay attention to. It is possible to achieve remarkable results if you follow the suggestions and tips.


a successful ASMR You will first need a resource to register. Whatever type of content you are going to produce, you need to acquire the appropriate materials. If you are going to do this with your voice, it is useful to pay attention to the microphone and voice dominance.

It is recommended to adjust your breathing, the output of sharp letters, and your proximity to the microphone. In addition, the level of perception of this sound may vary depending on the type and quality of the microphone. You can learn this by testing your microphone before recording, and then you can take steps accordingly.


Another step you should take is ASMR Choosing a suitable environment for Many of you may not have the opportunity to use a professional studio, but this is not an obstacle. It is possible to achieve the necessary environment and conditions with small changes you will make in your room.

First you need to get rid of possible noise factors. A quiet environment is very important for the content you will shoot. Then you need to determine the place where you will get the recording. By trial and error you will find out which position you will get the best reverb and sound in.


One of the most important factors for a video is to have good equipment. First ASMR You can of course use your phone for your video. In addition to the importance of the technological products you will use, the technique is also of great importance.

As you develop yourself and your channel, you can switch to much better equipment. At this point, choosing a sensitive and high quality microphone will increase the efficiency you will get. In addition, your camera selection is also important in terms of visuals.


It does not end with completing the registration process. Then you need to edit the video. if YouTubeIf you are experienced in producing content in , this will be easy for you. But if you’re just getting started iMovie and DaVinci Resolve Among the free applications you can use. Adobe Premiere and Final Cut It is also among the paid applications preferred by ASMRtists.

Do not forget to make sure that the audio and video synchronization is successful. Many YouTubers have a digital audio processing station (DAW) uses. also Audacity, Cakewalk or Garageband Among the free audio recording software you can use.

ASMR What have you learned about it recently and what are your thoughts? You can share it with us in the comments…

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