What is 300FIT Network? What Does FIT Do?

What is 300FIT Network? 300FIT Network is a sports and fitness focused Blockchain platform that distributes token rewards based on health records. In this article, you can access the answers to questions such as what is 300FIT Network, what it offers, what is FIT coin, what is it for, how to get it. cryptocoin.com We have prepared it for our curious readers. Let’s examine together.

What is 300FIT Network?

300FIT Network is an Ethereum-based Blockchain project. IUwell’s Personal Health Record (PHR) combines business information with token rewards. It is also a finance platform for sports and fitness celebrities. Samsung Health’s content provider ‘300kcal’ is home to one million unique users. 300FIT provides influencer brand marketing solutions leveraging this content provider. The project also has a utility token called FIT, created on Ethereum with the ERC-20 smart contract. Professional athletes and users can earn money through the platform. In addition, users can benefit from the trainings of the mentioned athletes. To reach 300FIT, it can be accessed by downloading the application in the Google Play Store.

What does 300FIT offer?

300FIT; It is the only platform where people such as fitness members, medalists, professional athletes come together. The fact that the project is built on Blockchain is also a prominent feature. The team behind 300FIT Network currently has over 100 projects. In addition, the team includes names who have worked in fitness and sports applications for years. The fact that it is currently integrated with Samsung’s health and fitness application Samsung Health makes the project stand out. The platform is managed decentralized in accordance with the Blockchain philosophy. In addition, it offers passive income feature to its users.

What is FIT? What does it do?

FIT coin is the utility token of the 300FIT Network platform. It is basically an ERC-20 cryptocurrency that runs on Ethereum. FIT coin has various use cases within the platform. Among these, ensuring decentralization comes first. Accordingly, FIT coin holders have voting rights in the decisions taken in the management of the platform. These include voting, such as determining the creator (influencer). There are 4 parties in the network: users, influencers, advertisers and suppliers.

Users can earn FIT coin rewards by completing tasks on the platform. Athletes who are content producers can earn money by creating training content and interacting with their followers. The money of the creators comes mostly from the users of the platform. Suppliers can sell products in more than 300 markets within 300FIT. Suppliers wishing to sell products must pay with FIT coins. Finally, the platform also considers the advertising industry. Accordingly, advertisers can advertise to influencers and the platform through FIT coin payment.

What is 300FIT? How to get FIT coin?

300FIT Network is currently traded on only one cryptocurrency exchange. Accordingly, interested investors must access the Bithumb exchange where the token is listed. After that, they need to open an account on the exchange and verify this account. Thus, investors can deposit funds into their wallets and purchase FIT coin.

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