What is 2Key Network? What Does 2KEY Do?

What is 2Key Network? 2Key Network is an Ethereum-based Blockchain project where you can earn rewards by sharing smart links. cryptocoin.com In this article, we have answered the questions that investors wonder, such as what is 2key Network, what it offers, what is 2KEY coin, what is it for, how to get it. Let’s examine the project together.

What is 2Key Network?

2Key Network is a Web 3.0 focused Blockchain project where users can create SmartLink. It is a decentralized referral network that helps people and organizations reach their ideal audience and take action. It also allows users to earn money by sharing SmartLinks. Thus, it creates user awareness about interesting content, products and services. The basis of the Ethereum-based project, SmartLinks have a number of unique features.

SmartLinks use the Reputation Mining system. Thus, it prevents spam, ends budget uncertainty from advertising offers, and filters out fake clicks. It also eliminates any need for complex integration and time-consuming routing and reward distribution. Access to SmartLinks in 2Key Network is automatically filtered. It is also analyzed by cryptography methods and recorded on the Blockchain.

What does the platform offer?

2Key Network introduces a new economic model in the Web 3.0 ecosystem with SmartLink. According to this model, various participants involved in online content and link sharing win prizes. Users involved in these sharing chains are tracked through 2Key’s multi-step tracking technology. Thus, 2Key monitors and records every user involved in a share chain.

In addition to SmartLink technology, 2Key Network works as a layer-2 scaling solution for the Ethereum network. It aims to deploy smart contracts in a way that is scalable and accessible through browsers. It also makes it possible to interact with them. Supporting smart contract technology, the project makes it possible for websites to reward and track their users with ready-made contract templates.

What is 2KEY coin? What does it do?

2KEY coin is the native cryptocurrency of the 2Key Network. This ERC-20-based cryptocurrency allows the network to operate in a sustainable and secure manner. For example, 2KEY is a reward mechanism for SmartLinks’ routers. When a share chain leads to an event, each person in that chain gets their share of the reward as defined in the smart contract. Accordingly, various activities such as sharing SmartLinks and disseminating content within the network allow users to earn 2KEY coins.

However, creators who want to create any SmartLink also have to pay with 2KEY. Meanwhile, the layer-2 token is the main payment method for network tax and moderator fees. Users have to make these payments to transact on the network. Finally, it is possible to do two different staking: reputation and referrer. Staking allows to increase reputation score and benefit from campaigns. This means that you lock your 2KEY coins into smart contracts with a certain maturity.

What is 2Key Network? How to get 2KEY?

Investors interested in the project must first access a cryptocurrency exchange where the token is listed. 2Key Network is currently only available on one cryptocurrency exchange. This exchange is BitGlobal. Investors must be a member of the BitGlobal exchange and verify their account to purchase 2KEY coins. They then need to deposit an asset in their wallet that matches the trading pairs of the cryptocurrency. By doing these, they can place a buy order and get the 2KEY.

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