What is 1eco World? What Does 1PECO Do?

What is 1eco World? 1eco World is a platform that aims to solve real-world problems using decentralized Blockchain technology. cryptocoin.com In this article, we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions such as what 1eco World offers, what is 1PECO, what it does, and how to buy it. Let’s take a closer look at this Blockchain project together.

What is 1eco World?

1eco World is a Blockchain platform that aims to solve various problems in cities by connecting the virtual world and reality. Built on the Ethereum network, this platform is decentralized and designed for easy access by users. Among the problems the platform is trying to solve are carbon emissions, the unfair advertising industry and the recording of medical documents.

Accordingly, 1eco World aims to promote green energy production and reduce harmful emissions. It also encourages the use of smart e-mobility, allowing small business owners to manage their customers equally and fairly. In addition, the platform supports the recording of medical documents on the Blockchain, which are held for the purpose of improving human life. All this happens through Interverse, 1eco’s Metaverse-like platform.

What does 1eco World offer?

1eco World is a decentralized and highly accessible Blockchain platform. The virtual world of this platform, Interverse, gives citizenship and residence permits to its users. Thus, all 1eco users also become citizens of the Interverse. 1eco contributes to solving problems in areas such as green energy, trade and health. It also rewards its citizens with various economic programs. In addition, it further expands the ecosystem by collaborating with various companies.

Citizenship in the 1eco universe is divided into commercial and private. Accordingly, every resident of the Interverse country is able to earn income through economic activities. However, private citizens have the opportunity to carry out more economic activities. However, real-world businesses can create their own shops and advertise by paying taxes to 1eco. Much of the economy in the virtual world takes place through 1eco’s two-token system.

1What is PECO? What does it do?

The 1eco World platform currently has two different ERC-20 tokens and a reward point. Each of these tokens is created for different use cases. 1ECO coin, 1PECO coin are platform tokens while POCO point is the platform’s reward point. 1ECO is a governance token. Users who have it can participate in the management of the platform, receive a share of economic incentives and buy citizenship.

1PECO is a utility token. Within the Interverse ecosystem, it has use cases such as choosing a job, making NFT transactions, and cashing out reward points. It is basically a token used in all kinds of payments of the 1eco World ecosystem. POCO points are like game points, not tokens. Users can earn and spend these points within the ecosystem. POCO points can be converted into 1PECO tokens.

What is 1eco World? How to take

The native cryptocurrencies of 1eco World, 1ECO and 1PECO, are currently traded on a cryptocurrency exchange. Accordingly, they are listed on the Bittrex exchange. Investors interested in 1eco World must have access to the Bittrex exchange and become a member. The investor who wants to buy the token must deposit an asset suitable for the pairs after creating the account. After doing this, he can buy 1PECO tokens based on the balance in his wallet.

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