What if RTX is added to the 29-year-old Doom game?

If an FPS game is coming out in 2022, we expect RTX, in other words, ray tracing support. This technology, which makes the visuals extremely different in some games and maximizes realism, is only available in new games. But a developer wanted to go against this norm and left his mark on hard work. 29-year-old, one of the first FPS games doomgains ray tracing support with this mod.

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The fate of the ray tracing feature, which pleases those playing Minecraft on Xbox, was very different than expected.

RTX mod for the 29-year-old Doom game

Doom game released in 1993, offering the first 3D experience it is one of the games. When ray tracing support is added to games close to today, we can see a few results, albeit absurd. However, when ray tracing is added to the ancestor of the FPS genre, very strange images emerge. Images from Doom mode, which we can describe as a system killer, are as follows:

According to the shared test result RTX 3080 Tithis mode when in DLSS Quality mode 30FPS in 4K quality could play around. Since the mod is not very stable, the FPS was not stable either, of course. The person who shared the test result added that he saw 30FPS in some places and 60FPS in others.

This mod is currently not available for anyone to download and install. However, the dev team seems pretty enthusiastic and other Doom fans are also interested. If a stable mode, even partially, is released in the coming months, we will share it with you.

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