What Happens to Your Body Within 1 Hour After Drinking 1 Can of Coke

Have you ever thought about how your body reacts to this beverage when you drink just 1 can of Coke?

Have you ever wondered what cola, the most consumed beverage in the world, does after it enters your body? Coke, which is a drink with lots of sugar and acid, After it enters our body, it does not behave very innocently. Coke, which has extremely harmful effects especially for diabetics, is among the responsible for weight gain along with sugar intake. So what do we experience in 1 hour when a can of coke enters our body?

Today, we will explain to you what happens in our body within 1 hour after drinking a standard 330 ml can of cola. Data contained in Although it was written for cola, let’s say that similar processes work for Pepsi and other cola brands.

The 1-hour journey of 1 can of coke in your body

First 10 minutes: You almost bombarded your body with sugar.

Coca Cola

Within 10 minutes of drinking a can of Coke you’re going to put up to 10 teaspoons of sugar into your body. This ratio corresponds to the entire daily sugar intake of a person. Under normal circumstances, taking so much sugar at one time should have made you vomit, but the phosphoric acid in cola will cut off the sugar taste and prevent you from vomiting, allowing you to continue consuming cola.

20 minutes: Your blood sugar begins to rise.

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Your body began to feel the effects of coke. Your blood sugar went up, and with it, you experienced a burst of insulin. Your liver tried to control the situation by turning sugar into fat.

40 minutes: Caffeine started to make itself felt in the environment.

Coca Cola

The absorption of caffeine in the cola by the body is completed. Your pupils dilated, and with it, your blood pressure rose. The liver also started pumping more sugar into the blood. Adenosine receptors in your brain are blocked to prevent drowsiness.

45 minutes: Dopamine production increased.

Coca Cola

The production levels of dopamine, which you can call the pleasure hormone in your body, have increased. This process is the same as how heroin works. This step will make you more addicted to cola over time.

60 minutes: Your metabolism is accelerated.

Coca Cola

After 1 hour, in the coke Phosphoric acid boosted metabolism by binding calcium, magnesium and zinc in your gut. This speed boost is coupled with high doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners. At the same time, urinary calcium excretion was also increased.

60 minutes: You pee.

Coca Cola

Caffeine has diuretic properties. After 1 hour, these features are activated and will normally go to your bones. Sodium, electrolytes, and water, along with calcium, magnesium, and zinc, were also excreted in the urine.


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60 minutes: The need for sugar began to be felt again.

Coca Cola

at the end of 1 hour The sugar rate in the body decreased and you started to need sugar again. Your body has started to have a kind of diabetes crisis. This will make you more irritable and lethargic. You also expel all the water you take in cola through urine. Moreover, while doing this, many of the things you need for strong bones and teeth in your body are gone.

If it’s so harmful, why do we continue to drink?

Coca Cola

There are multiple reasons for this. First of all, these drinks The best advertised products in the world. Apart from that, there are addictive substances in it. Our body continues to crave coke without realizing that it is harming itself. Do not forget that the consumption of cola is very harmful, especially if you have diabetes.

Today, we explained to you what a can of coke does in 1 hour when it enters your body. If you want more content like this, you can reach us in the comments section.

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