What Effect Will Shibarium Have for the Shiba Inu? Developer Speaks

shiba inu (SHIB) launched the beta testnet for the Shibarium layer-2 network, dubbed Puppynet, on March 11. The beta testnet has passed many important milestones since its launch and received a positive response. One of them was the block time of 5 seconds. Block time is a unit of measure that indicates how long it takes for a network’s miners or validators to confirm a block’s transactions and create a new block on that blockchain.

By comparison, the block time on the Ethereum network is much slower at 12.13 seconds. Puppynet of Shiba Inu (shibarium), can theoretically verify blocks faster than the ETH network. Puppynet currently has a total of 679,886 blocks and approximately 4.9 million total transactions. Also, the number of wallet addresses continues to reach new heights. At the time of reporting, there were approximately 14.22 million wallets registered on the testnet.

Can the Shiba Inu Network Reach These Numbers?

The detail that Puppynet is still in beta testing and the Ethereum network is a fully functional and robust network is critical. Comparing the testnet and mainnet benchmark figures would be inaccurate. SHIBLayer-2 of ‘s still has a lot of tests to pass and audits to perform. While the numbers in the testing phase are impressive, these are not conclusions. There is no guarantee that the same results will be reflected on the mainnet.

Moreover, Lucie, one of the Shiba Inu developers, explained that the release of Shibarium is dependent on “progress and audits.” The popular SHIB member reported to the community that Shytoshi said there would be inspections. Lucie stressed the importance of safety and crash testing. And finally, for those expecting price pumping, it may take “months” for Shibarium to fully settle in the market. stated.

You can follow the current price action here.

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