What Does This Socket-Like Design On Backpacks Do?

We see a variety of bags and designs. However, although they are different brands, the small details on some backpacks are almost the same. As in this prize-like design…

You can see it in any backpack resembling a prize This design actually has a pretty good usage area. Moreover, although many people use these bags, they are not even aware of the use of this detail on them.

Although many of us think it has no purpose, designers is sending and it serves a purpose. There’s even a history of this add-on that we’ve all seen at least once.

Let’s take a look at the first backpacks.

The first backpacks known in history for military use It was designed by Henry Merriam in 1878. However, this bag, which used metal parts to stay away from the soldiers’ bodies, was unsuccessful and soon ceased to be used.

Different backpack designs were born after Merriam’s unsuccessful attempt. Ole Bergan, who is engaged in hunting, and Lloyd Nelson, who lives in touch with nature, created two successful designs. The backpack that Nelson designed after his Alaska visit, one of the first mass-produced bags it happened. However, there were still some shortcomings in the designs of the bags.

…And the first zippered backpack appeared.

first bag with zipper

  • Cunningham’s first zipper bag design.

Gerry Cunningham was another name that steered the design world in line with his own needs. Camp, interested in hiking and climbing In 1938, Cunningham produced the zippered backpack, in which he could both easily access his belongings and carry them safely.

This bag, which is very light due to the materials it is made of, provided great convenience in nature walks. First time in a backpack zipper detail thanks to Cunningham made history.

Well, did you notice anything in the design of the first zippered backpack?

first backpacks

We mentioned that Cunningham does climbing and nature walks. For this reason, he needed to have easy access to some items, and he made his first prototype using his mother’s sewing machine. Cunningham’s design, because the strap is leather It was both durable and life-saving.

This design, which we see in its modern form today, gained popularity for the first time at that time. People for generations to the exterior design of backpacks continued to add innovations. We still see many examples of this. For example, these plug-ins that look like sockets and that most people don’t even know their names.

This socket-looking detail has a purpose and even a name.

stuff like sockets in bags

As we mentioned before; Over time, various details have been added to the backpacks for people who are interested in activities such as mountaineering and hiking. Prize-like and real name ‘eyelash tab’ or ‘pig nose’ This partition, which is referred to as the , serves a similar purpose.

It was designed for the first time to carry an ‘ice ax’.

socket-looking thing in bags

Jamie Cormack, co-founder of the world-famous clothing and accessories brand Herschel, states that this design was created to carry an ice ax. Although it is not possible to attach an ice ax to these attachments today, for tying items such as string, shoelaces or headphones can be used.

It is not known how efficient it will be for people engaged in mountaineering. Because the items used in mountaineering, camping and similar activities are quite inadequate for these bags. However small items that you want to keep close at hand. You can hang it on the pig nose part of your bag.

Many brands continue to offer this design in various ways…

what looks like a socket in a bag

The design world has changed quite a bit over time. Today, unobtrusive designs that meet our needs have come to the fore. Just like in this example; in the accessories and items that many of us use. what the design details do We are not even aware of it. Did you know what this detail called pig nose is for?


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