What Does the Opening in the Front of Boxers Do?

The construction of the pyramids, the nature of dark matter and the reason for the opening in front of the boxers… You are now very close to learning the third of these great mysteries!

This opening, found in most boxers, sometimes with snap, sometimes with button sometimes it is not closed with anything. Since this part definitely catches your attention, you probably didn’t get a satisfactory answer when you asked someone why.

Then come, we Let’s explain the exact answer. Is it just to be airy or for that obvious reason you guessed it? In fact, there is a much more important reason!

Before revealing the secret, let’s briefly touch on the history of the boxer:

The term has been used since 1944 and originates from England. Because it provides comfort in the legs and hips It got its name from the comfortable shorts worn by boxers.

rocky shorts

In fact, its history dates back to 1925, but at that time it did not have a special name. Jockey-style briefs, popularized in the late 1930s, eclipsed the boxer.


Even in 1985 in the USA panties It was much more popular than boxers, selling 4 times more. Boxers were produced only in white. When the differences in design and color begin started to be preferred more by young men.

In 1985, British model and musician Nick Kamen stripped down in a Levi’s commercial. has become fashionable. After the 2000s, it started to climb and normal underpants are now only used by children and the elderly.

Coming to our main topic… Actually, the first answer that comes to your mind is one of the reasons for this openness, but we will talk about the main reason in a moment.

boxer span

As confirmed by an underwear brand, This opening is made in order to meet the toilet needs more easily while standing. You can meet your needs in a short time without having to undo your belt and lower your pants.

However, men who cannot figure out that this is the main purpose of this opening are still unfastening their belts and pulling their trousers down while they are going to the toilet, and on top of that, they struggle with putting the shirt inside. According to a survey, this feature of men only 20% he was using!

That’s not the biggest benefit of boxers and this openness. It has a more serious benefit.

boxer space

Some researches due to the high temperature caused by the tightness of the panties sperm production indicates that it may decrease. Boxer shorts seem healthy in terms of sperm production as they make the testicles more comfortable. Air enters through this opening, preventing high temperatures and ensuring that the genitals are not compressed.

men's boxer

These were the reasons why this opening was found; who knows, maybe you will too 20% off You join the part.

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