What does the Kodak S3120 scanner offer?

Known as a very old brand in the field of technology in Turkey, Kodak reaches consumers with up-to-date digital scanner solutions.

Known as a very old brand in the field of technology in Turkey Kodak’sstands out with innovation and innovation among its competitors offering up-to-date digital solutions. Kodak S3120 we reviewed the scanner model with one of the most authoritative people.

Kodak S3120 review

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Kodak S3120 to get information about: https://bit.ly/30bIr97

Kodak’s new product S3120 scanner, ERP and CRM An important solution for complex document scanning in systems. The intensity of the daily documentation work of corporate companies is a factor that directly affects many workflows.

At this point The sensitivity of the S3120, different document type detection and image processing Supporting many innovative technologies such as

For example, you put different sizes and types of paper in the scanning tray without separating them. One of them has a small post-it left on it. While normal scanners fail before completing this process, the scanner is sensitive thanks to the sensitivity of the S3120. detecting each paper type and it can scan successfully by warning the user.

Most of the time in browser and computer communication image processing completed by the computer. This can often cause errors. Built-in image processing technology The capabilities of the S3120, which works quickly by reducing the load of the computer, are not limited to these.

To automate complex tasks large intuitive touchscreen, personalized workflows and Smart Touch technology This device, which can scan complex files with one touch, Based on TWAIN, ISIS or RESTful API With scanning, it can transfer information directly to applications.

On the security side, which is at the top of the priorities of corporate companies, the Kodak S3120 over-the-wire encryption for network traffic using the protocol. Scanning and digitizing handwritten documents is now easier with this scanner.

Especially without the need to read a searched topic or word for pages in some scans. OCR (text recognition) technology, image quality and accuracy mean everything for searchable pdfs and barcode reading. Perfect Page technology automatically converts even the lowest quality document originals into vivid images.

Kodak S3120 specifications

  • Compact A3 scanner with heavy-duty features, fast scanning speed and 300-sheet feeder for large mixed stacks
  • Scanning at 120 pages / 240 images per minute
  • 10/100/1000 ETHERNET / No host required
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1×1 compatible
  • File formats: BMP, JPG, TIFF, Word, Excel, PDF, Text searchable PDF, PNG, RTF

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