What Does The Bump In The Middle Of The Backseat Of Cars Do?

Did the protrusion in the middle bother you when you sat in the backseat of the cars? What is this ledge that everyone trips over at least once? Let’s explain.

This bump is actually under the car. of the shaft It is formed as a result of the space allocated for it to pass. We call this mound “shaft tunnel”.

First of all, let’s give a brief information about this system. Shaft; in rear wheel drive cars a powertrain that carries the power of the engine to the rear wheels. Since there is no need for such a transmission in front-wheel drive vehicles, there is no shaft going from the middle to the rear. If front wheel drive vehicles do not have such a drivetrain, have you ever said why my car also has this bump? Yes, most front wheel drive vehicles have this bump as well. Let’s take a closer look at what a shaft tunnel is.

Why do most front-wheel drive cars have a shaft tunnel when the shaft is not needed?

Of course, not all front-wheel drive cars have a shaft tunnel, but most front-wheel drive cars do. because This tunnel provides great convenience to the manufacturers even though the shaft is not used.

In front-wheel drive cars, this tunnel differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, but in general terms. plumbing space used as. Along with the exhaust line of the vehicle, the line of systems such as electricity, fuel and brake is also passed through this tunnel. In some brand vehicles, only the exhaust line can be passed, while in others we see that all of them are passed.

shaft tunnel

The shaft tunnel has an even more important purpose than the plumbing cavity: Robustness.

shaft tunnel

The bottom of a car should be solid. As if the bottom part pulls all the weight of it, the pits, fast take-offs and many other things that we can’t count add weight to the bottom part. That’s it for most car manufacturers to further strengthen the bottom they want to hide the shaft tunnel that runs through the middle of the vehicle as if it were a half pipeline. This slope provides significant durability as if there is a column in the middle of the vehicle.


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Let’s explain the robustness that the shaft tunnel provides to the vehicle with an example.

twisted ream of paper

You have a Think of it as a ream of paper. It is very easy to bend when the wad is flat. However, if we bend this wad from the edges and make it into a half cylinder, it will be much more difficult to bend it. The shaft tunnel adds strength to the vehicle precisely with this principle.


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Are cars without shaft tunnels not solid?

Honda Civic rear seat

Of course, that shouldn’t mean anything like that. Some manufacturers offer more comfort in the backseat. It adds different reinforcement methods instead of the shaft tunnel. Especially on higher vehicles, there may not be a need for a shaft tunnel through the vehicle as the lower parts are easier to hide.

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