What do you want from the traffic light coalition this year?

Traffic light coalition in the stress test

What should the governing parties do better?

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Dusseldorf If there were general elections on Sunday, according to polls, the traffic light coalition would currently have a hard time forming a government again. According to the opinion research institute Infratest Dimap, the SPD would come to 18 percent, the FDP to six percent and the Greens to 19 percent – a total of only 43 percent. In the 2021 federal election, the traffic light coalition had reached 52 percent.

Reason enough to ask you, dear readers, which issues the government should urgently tackle next? What else can SPD, Greens and FDP achieve together? And a look back: From your point of view, what has gone well so far, where have mistakes been made? Write us your opinion in five sentences on [email protected]. We will publish selected contributions with attribution on Thursday.

For the traffic light coalition, 2022 was primarily characterized by crisis management in view of the war in Ukraine, the energy crisis and inflation – to name just a few challenges.

Some topics from the past year will still be relevant in 2023. For example, the debate about arms deliveries to Ukraine. Most recently, the federal government decided to deliver Marder armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. A step in the right direction or is Germany crossing a red line? And should Germany also bring itself to supply Leopard tanks?

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The FDP and the Greens will probably continue to discuss nuclear power. In October it still looked as if Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) had put an end to the conflict by taking action. He had instructed Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck to allow all three remaining nuclear power plants to continue running until April 15, 2023. But the debate does not die down, the FDP remains demanding. That’s right? Is the power system robust enough without nuclear power? What path should the coalition take when it comes to energy this year?


Olaf Scholz and the traffic light ministers are meeting the car bosses in the Federal Chancellery today. This is intended to support the “transformation of the automotive and mobility industry”. The topics for the two-hour summit are “Climate and environmental protection in transport, smart cars and networked mobility, and the resilience of supply chains”. It is very likely that there will be a debate on climate protection and what contribution politics must make to this. What do you think: How can the transport sector meet its climate targets?

Three topics that are currently dominating the debate. But from your point of view there is definitely more. How should the shortage of skilled workers be combated? What about education policy, how should things proceed in German schools given the shortage of teachers? Tax up or down? What strategy should Germany pursue towards China and how should it position itself in the dispute with the USA over the Inflation Reduction Act? Is pension policy still up to date? What suggestions would you have for the traffic light coalition?

If you would like to have your say on this topic in the Handelsblatt, write us a comment, either by e-mail [email protected] or on Instagram at @handelsblatt.

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