What Cryptocurrency Projects Binance Invests In? Analyst Shared The List!

Cryptocurrency Binance Labs, the venture capital arm of Binance, continues to make waves in the blockchain and crypto money industry.

With a significant fund size of $7.5 billion, Binance Labs actively invests in promising projects that have the potential to shape the future of the industry.

Hercules, a veteran analyst, has compiled a list of the top investments made by Binance Labs and revealed the startups that he thinks are the most exciting they have invested in recently.

  • LifeForm: Hyper-realistic 3D virtual human avatar editor and Visual DID solution provider. People can easily create avatars with the advanced Lifeform DID solution that enables them to use NFTs as digital identities.
  • Fusionist: A blockchain gaming and gaming infrastructure layer. Beta testing has recently ended and beta testers have been rewarded with an ACE airdrop.
  • Mysten Labs: A team building two promising projects: Sui – A proof-of-stake blockchain; and Move – Programming language for creating smart contracts.
  • BARLEY: A secure computing network for cryptography adapted to the blockchain. ARPA is a secure wallet, a cross-chain bridge, decentralized storage, a verifiable random number generator (RNG), etc. serves as the infrastructure for Mainnet Launch is expected this month.
  • Space: A virtual world of commerce that allows content creators to design using its platform. It helps to create the conceptual design in 3D.
  • DoraHacks: A platform for developers to meet hacker BUIDLs, Hackathons, Grants and Rewards. With 88,932 active developers on the platform, $25.32 million has been funded so far.
  • Zecrey: A Layer 2 protocol based on zk-Rollup with privacy and scalability features.
  • Velvet Capital: A DeFi operating system that helps institutions launch and manage financial products on-chain.

*Not investment advice.

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