What Cryptocurrencies Does Binance List? CEO CZ Announced: That’s the Style!

Changpeng Zhao (CZ), CEO of Binance, the world’s highest-volume cryptocurrency exchange, touched upon the criteria considered in the listing process of altcoins and what type of cryptocurrencies they list.

CEO CZ January 24 held on Twitter on in the question and answer activity (BUT)a new token of Binance to be listed in the decision-making process which criteria gave information about what they were looking for. CZ, token’s number of users that one of the most important factors underlined.

CEO’s review of tokens Which layer does it belong to? is a project, which blockchain created on or crypto whether the money market is bearish or bull at that moment. on listing processes have no effect stated. However Binance Smart Chain (BSC) Compared to other projects created on in a little less time noted that it could be examined.

On the other hand, the number one requirement sought in the listing process number of users Expressing that there is a large number of users, the CEO said that tokens with a large number of users value of benefit also high stated that they believe it is. CZ made the following statements on the subject:

In fact, if a product is used by a large number of users, it is likely to be a valuable product. Also, a large number of users usually means high liquidity, which is a very important factor. If a project is still at a very early stage or doesn’t have many users, we usually subject it to a much more detailed review.

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