What brought the end of MSN Messenger?

Sent vibrations, big and small writing styles, water balloon throws, “I miss the green of your Tripkolic Eyes” songs, fights “You will delete Yılmaz from MSN”… When we look back at the past, we all have years of MSN. We lived with Messenger. MSN, which was gradually erased from our lives, was closed, what happened?

Facebook has not yet entered our lives, even some people you don’t even have a phone MSN Messenger was the most entertaining platform for people to communicate with each other in those days.

that emerged in the late 90’s and indispensable part of your life MSN, which is a business, was gradually deleted from our lives and was completely shut down in 2013.

First, let’s reminisce about the past…

We had friends with whom we talked for hours on MSN as if we hadn’t spoken during the day when we came home after a whole day at school. The “flirting” method of the period is “Turn on what am I listening to” By activating the part, it was to play a sent song and send a kiss animation.

şєкιℓℓι иι¢кℓєяℓє ιѕιмℓєяιмimizι ѕüѕℓєя∂ιк and for some reason we used to think we were “cool” by writing some letters in uppercase and some letters in lowercase. When we suffocate the other by sending vibrations “You can’t send vibrations that often.” we would look at the warning.

If that’s enough nostalgia for you to reminisce about the old days, let’s take a look at how MSN Messenger came to be.

msn kiss

E-mail was the most popular communication tool for computer users in the 90s. However, from the pleasure and fun of instant messaging was absent. For this, an “instant messaging program” was needed.

When the mainstream internet movement was on the rise, there were 4 competitors fighting to meet this need: AOL Instant Messenger, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and Microsoft MSN Messenger. Now when we look back who won the race apparent.

In 1999, MSN Messenger entered our lives with great speed.

In 1999, ICQ and AOL had been operating for 3 years. The MSN Messenger, which appeared in July, was even late. However, this is too late to reach the top was not an obstacle.

A very clever decision was made and it was planned to integrate with Microsoft’s Hotmail. This decision, millions of users to offer instant communication would benefit from the popularity of the e-mail service.

It reached more than 29 million users in a maximum of 2 years.

msn microsoft

MSN Messenger, which was only an instant messaging service at the beginning, has become interface customizations and facilitating file transfer increased by adding functions such as

In early 2001, the MSN Messenger service had over 29 million unique users. most used worldwide made it an instant messaging service.

Vibrations, smileys, webcams and more…

In addition to personalizing its interface, the “smileys” of that period, which we now call “emoji”, were very popular. You could send instant audio recordings, video chat with the webcam, play games with your friends simultaneously, send vibrations to attract the attention of the other person, and even send them to their screens. “The boy who throws a water balloon” You could send animations like

Why is msn closed?

All these features, for that period a first and an extraordinary pleasure was the source. People were flocking to using MSN Messenger and wasting their hours here.

The collapse of an era: MSN Messenger started to lose blood slowly.

MSN Messenger, which changed its name to Windows Live Messenger, with the last few revisions had many basic functions removed. There were obvious errors and its safety was questioned.

For example, with version 9.0, the company “default state” options, it had removed the webcam settings and even the legendary login sound that still rings in our ears.

Windows Live Messenger went into rapid decline when Skype was purchased.

msn vibration

In 2012, things took a turn for the worse when Microsoft forced Windows Vista and Windows 7 users to upgrade from an older version of the application to a newer version, and shortly thereafter discontinued support for Windows XP entirely. This is Microsoft By purchasing Skype it was the same time.

The importance of social media and the emergence of mobile devices cannot be underestimated.

what happened msn

With the spread of mobile devices and social media, people without being connected to a computer was looking for different ways to communicate with each other and platforms were being developed for this.

While Microsoft has released mobile versions of Windows Live for many major platforms including iOS, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone (it even added integration with Facebook chat), Microsoft has out of the game There were a number of factors.

They tried to develop a new strategy with Skype.

msn skype

In May 2011, Microsoft announced that it would buy Skype for $8.5 billion, and in November of the following year Messenger will be moved to Skype we learned.

With the integration, Messenger users would still be able to communicate with their friends via Skype, but that means Windows Live Messenger standalone version would end.

In 2013, Messenger went down in history with all our memories.

why msn messenger closed

In April 2013, Windows began phasing out Live Messenger. If if good decisions could be made perhaps MSN Messenger could become the WhatsApp or Snapchat of today. This is how a 15-year past was buried in history.


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