What are these giant arrows found all over America?

These giant concrete arrows, which look like they came out of a space movie, naturally intrigue both the world and the Americans. So, what exactly do these structures do, do you think?

Although we normally see such images in movies, it is disturbing to see them in real life. “I wonder if it’s an advertising campaign?” It doesn’t make you think. These arrows, which have managed to attract the attention of many Americans, naturally scare many people. After all almost the country ubiquitous and there are giant arrows that most people don’t know about.

Even though it sounds scary, you can guess that it’s actually true. There is nothing terrible. However, if you are wondering why someone made such giant arrows, let us explain immediately:

Years ago, high-tech navigation systems had not yet been invented.

From 1918 to about 1927, the Post Office Department administered America’s air mail service. At that time, airline service in America was still It wasn’t very developed. and the Post Office Department, to fly safely It was supposed to offer pilots a solution.

American airline lighted sign towers

Especially during night flights and in bad weather conditions The pilots, who had great difficulty, sometimes lost their way and were in a difficult situation. According to the Post Office Department at that time one solution there was, And that is to build 15-meter illuminated signal towers across the country.

However, the Post Office Department was handed over to private companies in 1927 and the Ministry of Commerce took responsibility for the airlines.

arrow marks

During this period, to guide the pilots, approximately 21 meter long concrete direction arrows started to be used. Each beacon was given a number, and arrows showed the pilots the next beacon. In fact, it was a good and logical system considering the past conditions, but there was a mistake.

This system, which is expected to be useful especially at night, is not a problem for pilots at all. It wasn’t helping; Pilots could not see the concrete arrows at night because there was no lighting system.

America giant concrete arrows

Usually during the day A lot Because they fly high the concrete arrows were becoming invisible again. In fact, pilots often found their bearings by looking at rivers, mountains, or other directional landmarks.


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As navigation technology progressed, these giant concrete arrows became obsolete.

America giant concrete arrow

With the construction of the last arrow in 1931, these arrows, which were not used very often, were replaced. new Technological developments took. These interesting ruins, bearing the traces of the first days of air travel, have survived to this day. Although many people think that this is the work of aliens when they first see it, this idea is actually no different from conspiracy theories.

Who knows maybe again Bill Gates It is one of the plans to destroy the world. 🙂

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