What are the Differences Between Front Wheel Drive and Rear Wheel Drive?

You’ve probably heard of car terms like front-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. These expressions, which show which wheels the power from the engine is transferred to, also give very important information about cars. Today we will explain to you the advantages and disadvantages of these two drive systems.

There are many points to consider when buying a new car. One of these points is where the drive system of the car is located. Cars are usually either front wheel drive or rear wheel drive. Apart from these, there are also 4×4 vehicles in which both the front and the rear have the propulsion power.

Our topic today is how there are differences between front wheel drive cars and rear wheel drive cars. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two systems? These two transmissions have important effects in many areas from repair costs to fuel consumption. to the differences between let’s take a closer look.

How do front wheel drive cars work?

Today, especially price performance The front-wheel drive, which we see in the majority of the cars that come out as cars, offers some disadvantages as well as many advantages. In front wheel drive cars, the power produced by the engine is transferred to the differential via the gearbox. The power from the differential is also transferred to the axles, ensuring the movement of the wheels. well the power of the engine is transferred very quickly and compactly to the front wheels, which are right next to them.

In front-wheel drive vehicles, the balance point is also located at the front.

front wheel drive balance point

Almost all front wheel drive vehicles All the important parts are on the front. In such vehicles, unlike rear-wheel drive engines, the engine is placed horizontally, while other important parts are gathered in the front, so the weight of the vehicle is gathered forward. This is an important issue that affects the driving experience.

What are the advantages of front wheel drive vehicles?

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  • Front-wheel drive cars that don’t have to transmit power to the rear wheels saves a serious design and material income. This makes front-wheel drive vehicles cheaper.
  • Although the power is concentrated in the front It is lighter in overall weight due to fewer parts. This allows the vehicle to be much more efficient in terms of fuel economy.
  • Especially they are more successful than rear wheel drive cars in snowy and rainy weather. Since the weight balance of the vehicle is in the same place, the wheels to which the power is transferred press the ground much more firmly, and this allows the vehicle to hold the road on snowy grounds.

What are the disadvantages of front wheel drive vehicles?

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  • They cannot achieve the success they have achieved on snowy and rainy ground on dry ground. Especially There may be dangers such as slipping and skidding at high speeds. For this reason, vehicles that reach high speeds are usually produced with rear wheel drive.
  • Since the load will suddenly get on the rear during the first take-off, the vehicle’s holding the road, that is, Maneuvering may be difficult. This may cause the wheel of the vehicle to spin and have difficulty returning to the desired location.
  • We said that front wheel drive cars are cheaper because they have fewer parts. Although they have fewer parts, all of the parts are found as a whole.Even small blows can cause big problems. In other words, while damaging a part of the car, the part connected to it is also more likely to be damaged.
  • front wheel drive cars one side of the axle system becomes shorter due to the location of the engine and transmission. This can cause a loss of steering feel, especially when maneuvering into a short ground.
  • In front wheel drive cars Since both the power transmission, braking and steering system are on the front wheels these wheels can be extremely strained. In rear-wheel drive cars, this situation is transferred to the 4 wheels in a much more balanced way.

How do rear wheel drive cars work?

rear wheel drive

The most important feature of rear-wheel drive cars is that they are much more balanced than front-wheel drive. Rear-wheel drive cars transfer the power from the vertically placed engine to the rear wheels instead of the front wheels. thanks to the shaft. The shaft is the part responsible for taking the power from the transmission to the rear of the vehicle. The power transmitted by the shaft is transferred to the differential and axles, enabling the rear wheels to turn.

In rear-wheel drive cars, the balance point is more evenly distributed.

rear wheel drive balance

Unlike front wheel drive cars rear-wheel drive cars, which have a much more balanced design, Thanks to this balance structure, it provides an advantage over front-wheel drive cars in many respects. Unlike front-wheel drive cars, rear-wheel drive cars, which balance the weight of the engine and transmission in the front with the shaft, differential and axles at the rear, are generally used in vehicles that can reach high speeds thanks to these structures.

What are the advantages of rear wheel drive cars?

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  • Since the system is not in the front as a whole in rear wheel drive cars. parts change much easier. Failure of one part does not easily damage other parts because it is not compact like a front wheel drive vehicle. In other words, when there is a malfunction, only that malfunction can be repaired and the problem can be resolved. In front wheel drive vehicles, a problem in the differential can also damage the transmission.
  • Unlike front wheel drive vehicles The balance point is evenly distributed everywhere. This makes it easier to absorb the impacts that will occur from things such as problematic roads and minor accidents.
  • It is much easier to take turns at high speeds. Since the car transmits power from the rear, it gives confidence by holding onto the road more as you press the gas when you enter the corner.
  • Because the rear wheels are responsible for propulsion, less work falls on the front wheels. In this way, more flexibility is provided when turning to the front wheels.
  • Since the weight balance of rear-wheel drive cars is equal, it is more It can reach high speeds without any skidding.


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What are the disadvantages of rear wheel drive cars?

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  • Generally, rear wheel drive cars have more parts. upper segment preferred in cars. That’s why rear wheel drive cars usually sold at higher prices means.
  • Rear wheel drive cars are generally heavier than front wheel drive cars. consumes more fuel.
  • Unlike front wheel drive cars, rear wheel drive cars transmit power through the shaft. They may be a little slow on initial acceleration.
  • Especially since the weight balance is evenly distributed In rainy and snowy weather, road holding becomes weak compared to front wheel drive vehicles. Especially in snowy weather, it is necessary to use rear-wheel drive vehicles much more carefully.


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Let’s fix it then. Which should you prefer? Do you pull from the front or push from the back?

front wheel drive vs rear wheel drive

We have seen the advantages and disadvantages of the drive system of the car according to its location. First of all, in many We see that the rear wheel drive car is more advantageous. If you don’t live in a place with a lot of rain and snow, a rear-wheel drive seems like a logical choice. At this point, the main thing to pay attention to is the weather and road conditions of the place where you live.

Today we talked about the advantages and disadvantages of cars with front or rear wheel drive. If you want more content like this, you can write to us in the comments section.


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