What are the 2024 Expectations of Leading Names for Bitcoin? Here are the Price Predictions!

We have brought together the Bitcoin (BTC) price predictions for 2024 made by the leading actors of both the cryptocurrency market and traditional finance for you, our valued readers.

Many leading actors of the cryptocurrency market, especially JPMorgan Financial giants such as 2024 He made a Bitcoin price prediction for the year. Predictions 1 million dollars with for 45 thousand dollarsEven though it was made in a wide band range like r, it stands out Average of 10 estimates is $265,500 happened.

Investment company that has made different predictions about Bitcoin many times Cathie Wood, CEO of Ark Invest finally $1 million He decided on a guess.

Frequently coming to the fore with Bitcoin supporter discourses Billionaire Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital Bitcoin prediction for 2024 500 thousand dollars happened. American venture capital investor billionaire Tim DraperBitcoin’s highest value in 2024 250 thousand dollars He stated that he could reach this level.

Founder of financial strategy and research company Fundstrat Tom Lee, 180 thousand dollars While making a prediction like: cryptocurrency focused investment firm Pantera Capitalwith a close estimate for Bitcoin in 2024 148 thousand dollars He predicted that the level might come.

UK-based giant banking group Standard Charteredfor the year 2024 120 thousand dollars Famous millionaire author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” while pointing out his level Robert Kiyosaki, 100 thousand dollars He argued that next year will be a suitable level for Bitcoin. With this A similar estimate of $100k CEO of Blockstream Adam BackIt came from.

Former Bitmex CEO who stays on the agenda with his market comments Arthur Hayes to Bitcoin in 2024 A peak value of $70 thousand mowed. JP Morgan, the largest bank in the USA, was the most tight-fisted party in its 2024 Bitcoin predictions. JPMorgan Bitcoin’s highest value in 2024 for 45 thousand dollars He claimed he could reach it.

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