What are the 10 Most Searched Altcoins in Turkey This Week? (25 February– 3 March)

According to CoinGecko data, Platypus Finance (PTP), the popular crypto currency of recent days, ranks first among the most sought-after altcoins in Turkey. Here are the most searched altcoins for the week!

CoinGeckoof Coin Newsletter According to the data shared weekly with the most sought-after altcoin in Turkey this week Platypus Finance (PTP) while Gelato Second, Bone ShibaSwap (BONNET) took third place. It has recently been at the top of the list of the most sought-after altcoins in the world. coinbase with its partnership with Optimism (KISS) exists.

The Platypus Finance team, which has been struggling with one of the biggest hack attacks of recent days, announced that the stolen from the platform was announced on February 24. $9.1 million He explained the detailed recovery plan of the asset and what happened during the process. Assets stolen under the compensation plan 63%After the detailed explanations that the .

Last week, the US-based cryptocurrency exchange coinbaseDeveloped using Optimism on February 23 layer-2 project Base, Optimism’s native token OP has been on the rise and users’ interest in the project has grown rapidly. This great collaboration exceeded the OP, causing spikes in almost the entire ecosystem.

9 most wanted altcoins and Bitcoin in Turkey

  • Platypus Finance
  • gelato
  • Bone ShibaSwap
  • ZigZag
  • shiba inu
  • Pi Network
  • Qredo
  • BabySwap
  • Baby Doge Coin

The 29 most searched altcoins and Bitcoins worldwide

  • Optimism
  • stacks
  • Blur
  • tranchess
  • Collab.Land
  • liquidity
  • vaiot
  • Radiant Capital
  • Velodrome Finance
  • SingularityNET
  • moonbeam
  • gamium
  • Vela Token
  • syscoin
  • Dejitaru Tsuka
  • Kaspa
  • Baby Doge Coin
  • Access Protocol
  • Ethereum
  • Octopus Network
  • Camelot Token
  • Hop Protocol
  • polygon
  • XMON
  • inSure DeFi
  • GMX
  • bitcoin
  • sudoswap
  • Gains Network

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