Whales Interest Against This Altcoin: It Had Seriously Rise Before!

Litecoin (LTC) whale activity hits all-time highs, with historical data pointing to a possible rise.

On-chain analytics platform centiment by shared Whale activity on Litecoin according to data to an all-time high reached. 1 million dollars and this data revealing higher volume transactions in 2022 It is similar to the heavy volume periods before the rise.

There has been similarly intense volume growth in two different time periods over the past year, and then within weeks Litecoin price More than 33% increase had lived.

The first of similar whale activities, in November of 2022 took place. that period 60 dollars price from band up 37% 80 dollars reached levels. The second took place in the last month of the year and on December 25th. 65 dollars price positioned in the band, until January 15 33% bullish performance by displaying 90 dollars saw the level.

At the time of writing, if whale activity in recent days is consistent with the past two expeditions. 87 Litecoin, which is traded at the dollar, will be in the coming weeks. around 30% with an increase 110-120 dollars band can be expected.

Same in Litecoin Bitcoin (BTC) like every halving every 4 years lives. When viewed cyclically 2015 and 2019 Litecoin, which has exhibited a remarkable rise in the halving periods of the years, is preparing for a new halving in August. Let’s recap the Litecoin price of this halving. 150-200 dollars band Analysts, who claim that these data can be carried, believe that the intense interest in whale movements may be related to the data in question.

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