Whale Transfer of 73K ETH to Binance: Experts Warn

An Ethereum (ETH) whale has moved approximately $86 million worth of Ether to Binance. Analysts suggested that the loaded transfer could be a leveraged transaction preparation.

On-chain data analysis platform lookonchain November 28 on his official social media account in his postrecently received a large amount of decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Curve Finance. ether the assets of a towing whale some of them He reported that he transferred it to Binance. Analysts say whales transfer their assets to stock markets. leveraged trading preparation claimed to mean.

According to the information given, the whale was informed about 3 days ago from Curve Finance. 101 million dollarsworth r 84,131 ether took it out. Whale, in the transaction it carried out as of November 28, 86 million dollars worth 73,224 etherTransferred i to Binance. Whale pulled from Curve From 84,131 Ether remainder 15 million dollars value is still in the wallet.

Ratio of staked Ethereum (stETH) to regular Ethereum as a result of the whale’s massive exit from Curve last week 0.982 from the level 0.97 was down to the dollar.

The research company expects its investors to be formed in the near future. high to volatility and sales raid against warned. Experts say that whales are often used in leveraged trades. guarantee He stated that he transferred his assets to stock exchanges in order to show the

CoinGecko According to data, Ether continues to lose value during the whale’s loaded transfer. Down 3.6% in the last 24 hours Ethereum (ETH)at the time the news was written $1,172traded from.

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