Werder Bremen: Jiri Pavlenka demoted: Michael Zetterer remains No. 1 – Bundesliga

Since 2017 he has been Werder’s undisputed number 1. But now Jiri Pavlenka (29) has to queue up.

Coach Markus Anfang (47) has decided: Michael Zetterer (26) will stay in the Bremen box for the time being. Also in Ingolstadt (3: 0) Werder played against Rostock (3: 0) and in Karlsruhe (0: 0) with Zetterer to zero. And Pavlenka sat on the bench …

After his long back pain, he is finally fit again. However, the beginning continues to trust Zetterer, who is stronger in football and has so far remained without a major mistake.

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How did the Czech national goalkeeper (14 caps) take the decision? Beginning explains: “Unsatisfied professional. Of course he wasn’t happy and made it clear that he wanted to play. I didn’t expect anything else from him. “

Now Pavlenka has no choice but to hang out in training and wait for his chance. Beginning: “Zetti calls up his performance. It’s about Werder Bremen and not about individual fates. If we notice that one is waning, then we have to switch. We don’t have a clear No. 1 and No. 2, but two really good goalkeepers. “