Werder Bremen: After goalkeeper change: Jiri Pavlenka stays in the box – Bundesliga

The big surprise in the small north derby against St. Pauli (1: 1) came before the kick-off. Completely surprisingly, Jiri Pavlenka (29) and not the previous regular goalkeeper Michael Zetterer (26) was in the starting line-up. “Zetti” did not allow himself any tangible mistakes.

But coach Markus Anfang decided to change goalkeepers – and explains why: “Zetti played well, but we thought about how we could give the team more calm and security and then decided on Pavlas. He was a tad better in the training week and did a good job today. “

That is why he will also be in the gate in Nuremberg (Fri., 6.30 p.m.). Beginning: “We will not change permanently. That would make little sense. “

Pavlenka stays in the Werder box!

Because Pavlenka was out with a stubborn back injury at the start of the season, Zetterer bunkered into goal. It’s gone now. He only found out about his demotion on matchday. Beginning: “I know that Zetti is not happy with the decision. But we still have two ones. “

But only one of them will be in the gate in Nuremberg (Fri., 6.30 p.m.). And that is the Czech national goalkeeper who, however, could not really stand out against St. Pauli and showed well-known weaknesses with the ball. His contract expires at the end of the season. Until the end it looked like a breakup. If he stays in the box for the next few months, there could be a future for him at Werder.

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