Weird Doctor Who Takes the Testicles of Prison Inmates

Leo Stanley for 40 years; He had performed “testicular rejuvenation surgery” on at least 10,000 inmates, fellow doctors, and sometimes civilians. He believed that this practice, often carried out against the will of the inmates, would reduce crime.

Notables such as William Butler Yeats and Sigmund Freud “testicular rejuvenation operation”had left the prisoners barren against their will. Others volunteered to have an operation, believing that they would be healthier.

It was practiced on thousands of people behind the walls of prisons for 40 years. Dr. Stanley also had other illnesses. under the name of improvement He played with the lives of many prisoners by performing a series of different operations.

America’s leading name in testicular surgery: Leo Stanley

Testicular surgeon Leo Stanley worked at San Quentin Prison. Since the start of testicular transplants He had made a name for himself in the past.

She was trying to implant animal testicles into men, but human-to-human transmission was more preferred. Over the course of 20 years, he would deploy more than 10,000 testicular implants within the walls of the San Quentin State Penitentiary.


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Usually, he took the testicles of black people and placed them in white ones.

leo stanley experiment

Later in his life, Leo Stanley was known as the foremost prison doctor in the country. After arriving in San Quentin, among the inmates without racial discrimination He expressed his discomfort with the following words: “Whites, blacks, and Indians met haphazardly here.”

Also, while most men whose testicles are taken from are black many men where the testicles are placed He was of white origin.

In the enacted law, it was decided to sterilize the prisoners and the mentally ill without permission.

California in 1909, “not fit for society” passed a law allowing the sterilization of convicted prisoners and mental hospital patients.

Stanley believed that at least 20% of the inmates were “mindless,” and more than was legally permissible. because he can’t sterilize any more prisoners he was complaining.


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“It prevents you from having children, but it doesn’t interfere with your other pleasures.”

san quentin prison experiment

Trying to convince them that they couldn’t have the surgery by force, Stanley decided that the surgery was done. sexually transmitted He claimed that it would prevent some diseases. The poster he hung in the prison courtyard in 1935, describing the benefits of surgery. “This simple surgery prevents the man from having children, but does not interfere with his other pleasures.” He wrote words like

Many volunteers say that this makes them more will do healthy he thought. In twenty years 600 inmates were sterilized. Much more was done in other California prisons.

He thought that taking the inmates’ thyroids made them more docile.

san quentin experiment

“It is the disease that causes the crime.” Acting on this idea, Stanley believed that while the thyroids of the murderers were overdeveloped, the pituitary glands of the crooks were underdeveloped. made it tame was claiming.

Testicular grafting was also practiced in elites such as Freud and Yeats.

William Butler Yeats Freud

In fact, since the late 1800s, doctors in the United States and Europe; increase vitality, reverse aging and they vaccinated men (and sometimes women) testicles in the hopes of making impotent men masculine.

They were also experimenting with using a vasectomy (a process of cutting the sperm ducts) to support sexual performance. Even this app European elites was in fashion. William Butler Yeats and Sigmund Freud also had “rejuvenation” surgeries.


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Doctor Stanley was implanting the testicles of animals into humans!

san quentin experiments

Stanley had two preferred methods of testicular grafting. The first was to take testicles from executed prisoners, or from a goat, wild boar, ram, or deer, and put them in the recipient’s testicles. Thus, the body absorbs the testosterone from the donor. Decreased hormones He believed it would increase.

However, Stanley acknowledged that this method did not always work, and developed another method instead. Take the donor testicles and put them together paste He was injecting the mixture into the recipient’s stomach after he brought it in. He also thought that this method improved acne, asthma, and depression.

Everything changed when he went on duty when the war started.

doctor leo stanley

II. After the outbreak of World War II, Stanley navy doctor He left San Quentin to serve as When he returned, the world he left was very different.

San Quentin was under the control of the California Department of Corrections and Stanley’s methods was about to disappear. He remained in San Quentin for a few more years and retired from private practice in Marin in 1951.

He did the same to himself and died without having a child.

leo stanley experiment

During his nearly 40 years as a San Quentin doctor; 10,000 prisoners, to your doctor friends and occasionally performed testicular rejuvenation operations on civilians.

At one point, Stanley himself had a “rejuvenation treatment,” but a complete testicle transplant It wasn’t that heavy. Instead, he had a vasectomy, hoping it would prolong his life, and died childless at 90.


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