Weekend Is Critical For These 16 Altcoins: Here’s The List Of What’s Happening!

Weekend Is Critical For These 16 Altcoins: Here's The List Of What's Happening!

Weekend Is Critical For These 16 Altcoins: Here’s The List Of What’s Happening!

The weekend will be busy in the crypto world. In particular, various altcoin projects will host voting, be listed on major exchanges, and launches will make a splash. Here’s a quick overview of some of the highlights:

This weekend, there are critical developments in altcoin projects

  • The community is currently voting to add two new markets to the dYdX Chain: DYM and FET. Both votes will end on February 26.
  • Governance voting at VitaDAO continues on the project’s $2.5 million budget and focus for the 2024-2025 period. VITA tokens are used in this voting and voting ends today, February 24.
  • MicrovisionChain (MVC) is proposing integration with Tangem hardware wallets, with a vote running until February 25.
  • Voting on Autonolas to integrate certain contracts into the Olas protocol begins today, February 25. This process will end on February 28.
  • Other notable polls include Stargaze (Live Auction pass), ULTRA (PIP-024 bid), KRYZA Exchange (Seed Sale for Owners).
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  • Meanwhile, Both PaLM AI (PALM) and Cyber ​​Doge (CDOGE) will be listed on MEXC on February 24 with their respective trading pairs.
  • Bounce launched WX IDO at a fixed price of $0.015 per token.
  • Optimism: Span Batches, which aims to reduce the overhead on the chain by 90%, is expected to be released by February 25.
  • Tectum: The second phase of TPS Demonstration, which targets 1.3 million transactions per second, will take place on February 25.
  • Trust Wallet: The launch date of TrustWallet Swifft is unknown, but it is expected to be by February 25.
  • XCAD Network will showcase user-friendly Web3 features for Web2 audiences starting February 22.
  • Various events such as MIP-25 Voting (MicrovisionChain) and Feature Spotlight (XCAD Network) continue throughout the week and beyond.

What is the latest situation in the market?

Meanwhile, the cryptocurrency market is also active in terms of price. Bitcoin failed to rise above $51,000 in the last 24 hours. The good news is that the bears couldn’t get below that either. At one point, the price dropped to 50.6 thousand dollars. But buyers stepped in. Because it managed to push it back to where it is currently trading at $51,000. Bitcoin’s dominance dropped from 49.25% to 48.6% in the last 24 hours. This is an indication that the altcoin market is outperforming BTC. The cryptocurrency fear and greed index dropped from 76 yesterday to 72 today. So it remains in “Greed” territory.

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Weekend Is Critical For These 16 Altcoins: Here’s The List Of What’s Happening!

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