We will use this after the Internet! – What is CereMeet?

We tried the 3D communication and productivity platform CereMeet in our office. What does it offer to the world of business and education?

We will use this after the Internet! – What is CereMeet?


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Turkey’s new generation technology company Cerebrum Tech, which offers world-class solutions in digital transformation, was founded in 2021. With its expert staff, Cerebrum Tech develops innovative applications in the fields of metaverse, AR/VR technologies, cyber security, data security and consultancy, robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, smart cities and sustainability. Focus activity sectors include smart urbanism, education, health, industry, automotive and defense industries.

Continuing its path with the goal of becoming a global technology hub, Cerebrum Tech has offices in Silicon Valley, London, Seoul and Rotterdam as well as Istanbul and Ankara. Cerebrum Tech, which opened Turkey’s first Web 3 R&D and Innovation Center in Bilkent Cyberpark in September 2022, is preparing to establish an R&D center in the Netherlands in the near future.

CareMeet features:

With its 3D communication and productivity platform CereMeet, it brings traditional tools such as PDF, video presentation, screen sharing support, Outlook calendar integration to the 3D environment with high quality in the experience of the business and education world.

Offering 50 people participation with realistic avatars, CereMeet provides a positive business interaction experience while supporting sustainability policies with savings in time, cost and carbon emissions required for business travels.

In CereMeet, you can organize different in-house events, conferences and launches, and you can make PowerPoint, video presentations and screen sharing at these events. In your virtual office, you can shape your company-specific flags/pennants and bring your own business environment to CereMeet.

CereMeet, the pioneering meta-universe initiative from Turkey to the world, offering education and production opportunities as well as entertainment and socialization. Cereverse one of the most important parts of the ecosystem.

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