We used 1,500 Mbps 5G internet at Vodafone office!

Vodafone started to perform 5G tests in Maslak Office building. We talked to Vodafone Turkey CEO Engin Aksoy about the future of 5G technology.

Super application Istanbul Yours!

Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem İmamoğlu introduced the Istanbul Your application, where the residents of Istanbul can easily access services.

We talked to Vodafone Turkey CEO about 5G technology

ShiftDelete We continue to present you with different content on our YouTube channel. In this video, we tested Vodafone Turkey’s 5G speed. If you wish, let’s not extend the word any longer and leave you alone with our video.


To download the Vodafone Yanımda application:
iOS: https://apple.co/3kT7bKF
Android: https://bit.ly/325ZSsq

Around the world in 75 countries 5G technology, which is actively used, is offered to customers by 166 commercial operators. Vodafone, which is the leading operator in Europe in the field of 5G, also carries out test operations in our country in its own environment.

5G technology will significantly reduce delays and interruptions. It will provide a good user experience to users in many fields, especially in the health and industry sectors.

Internet of Things (IoT) The concept is also expected to develop faster with 5G technology. Thanks to the 5G technology, which is thought to have a positive impact on the health sector in the medium term, it will be possible to perform surgery over the internet.

Stating that they developed a project with TOFAŞ, Aksoy said, “Data from sensors and smart robots in production are collected in the data center in milliseconds. In this way, we have succeeded in increasing the efficiency in production.” used the phrases.

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