We tried the most interesting products using 5G!

In its 20th year in Turkey, Huawei continues its local activities in the field of information and communication technologies without slowing down. The ‘Huawei 5G Mobile Private Networks (MPN) Promotion Tour’, one of the company’s major events on a global basis, continues its Turkey program to demonstrate the new benefits of 5G to various industries.

We tried the most interesting products using 5G!


Operating in our country for 20 years, Huawei continues to bring global IT events to our country and bring them together with the local ecosystem. The company’s mobile promotion center, transported by a truck, met with visitors in Istanbul last week as part of the Huawei 5G Mobile Private Networks (MPN) Promotion Tour. Huawei experts share the contributions of 5G to the transformation of industries and businesses within the framework of this tour.

Huawei mobile demonstration center; It consists of different sections where scenarios offered by 5G technology are presented for network systems specific to industries such as production, logistics, petrochemicals, port operations and mining. In addition to innovations such as artificial intelligence in quality control processes, virtual and augmented reality applications for remote technical support processes, robot and unmanned aerial vehicle usage examples for infrastructure control are among the solutions introduced within the scope of the ‘Huawei 5G Mobile Private Networks Tour’.

The ‘Huawei 5G Mobile Private Networks Tour’ visited many countries in Europe during its journey, which started in Barcelona at the same time as the Mobile World Congress 2022. mobile promotion centerwithin the scope of Turkey tour, In Istanbul between 8 – 15 August will be and After Istanbul Technical University, it will host its guests in Maltepe and Ümraniye.. mobile promotion centre, It will be open to visitors in Ankara between 17 – 19 August.

Huawei is holding two different global promotional events in Turkey in the same period. As part of the ‘Digital Transformation Tour’, Huawei has been exhibiting its digital transformation services and solutions for businesses at meeting points in Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya since July 27. These events showcase the latest digital transformation solutions such as fully wireless campus networks, smart campus networks, full stack data centers and Huawei cloud services.

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