We toured the Togg production lines in Gemlik Campus!

In Togg Gemlik Campus, we toured the production lines of the electric car Togg, which is called a smart device. How is the domestic car Togg produced?

We toured Togg production lines!


Togg, which has invested 1.5 billion Euros since 2019, will increase this investment amount to 1.8 billion Euros until the vehicle goes on sale. With this investment, a production capacity of 100 thousand units per year will be reached. The target in 2030 is to increase the annual production to 175,000 with an investment of 3.5 billion Euros.

More than 600 operators and engineers work on the Gemlik Campus. Togg’s total employees are 1400 as of now. At the facility, which is currently in the test production phase, 165 vehicles were produced for tests. These 165 vehicles were produced for Togg, which will enter all tests in accordance with the regulations in Europe.

The production is carried out robotically at the facility, which has the capacity to produce 20 vehicles per hour. The human hand is usually involved in the control and testing stages.

The entire primer and interior exterior paint job of a Togg C – SUV takes 8 hours. The paint processes are carried out in a completely robotic way and prevent the distribution of harmful components to the environment. The paints mixed with the air, together with limestone, are prevented from harming the nature without using water. The console of the vehicle is also mounted robotically. The trim 1 line is completed in 3 minutes and the interior of the vehicle is created.

Togg production lines

Togg’s battery will be guaranteed for 8 years. After the 8-year warranty period, the second lifetime application and then the recycling process will be applied to the batteries. Collaborating with Shell on fast charging, Togg aims to install 1000 fast charging units in more than 600 locations in 81 provinces together with Trugo.

After our tour of the production line, we learned other details about Togg in the question and answer session we held together with Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş as members of the press.

The processor used in Togg is Qualcomm. Snapdragon 8155P processor. 8 core This processor is a platform developed by Qualcomm for cars. 3 4K 60 Hz displays This processor, which has the power to support The graphics unit is Adreno 640.

Togg’s software is also open source Android Automotive It comes with a customized interface on it. Just as Samsung uses its own One UI interface on Android phones, we at Togg develop and integrate our own interface and software on the open source system.

19 Starting to work with the company, Togg is launched as a smart device with this processing power. We will be able to earn flight miles while refueling. Or we will be able to shop and make appointments in the vehicle while on the road. Togg will be the first car in the world to earn status miles with its land vehicle. The company is carrying out serious studies on Fintek.

So how and when will those who want to buy Togg be able to get it?

As of February 2023, the price of Togg will be announced. It will be on the market at a price that can compete with its competitors in the C – SUV segment. We are still waiting for the price.

Pre-orders will start in February 2023 and these orders will be delivered throughout 2023. We will not buy the Togg from dealers like the standard cars we know. There will be experience centers at 12 points in 2023 and more than 35 points in 2025.

Togg will have meeting points with many different customers, including the experience center, digital experience and after-sales experience areas.

Togg Saloon: The Togg C Sedan is expected to go on sale in the first half of 2025.

Togg CX Coupe: The Togg C-XCoupe is expected to go on sale in 2026. The B SUV and C MPV models will follow.

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