We talked to a software developer who left his 40 thousand TL salary in Turkey

What do you do when you first feel that you are struggling economically? In the first place, you look for a higher paying job, a place where you can live more comfortably, right? But what if you can’t find what you’re looking for wherever you go?

Turkish software developer Onur Gürel took a decision in the past months and moved to the Netherlands, thinking that he would live more comfortably. Living there for about 4 months Gürel created the agenda with his Twitter post.

Gürel, who works with a salary of 40 thousand TL in Turkey and has a high standard of living, said that he works in the Netherlands with a salary of 3 thousand Euros, but his living standards have fallen considerably. We reached out to him and conveyed our questions. Of course, as in his posts, Gürel tells us what he has done based on his own experiences. He shared his conclusions and experiences.

What Gürel tells is only his experience and experiences. Because everyone can have different opinions.

Let’s remember Onur Gürel’s post again:

dutch software developer

These posts by Gürel drew a great reaction on social media. Users Gurel Why did you leave 40 thousand TL salary?He questioned why the rent of his house in Turkey is so low and his salary in the Netherlands is low.

You can find all of Onur Gürel’s statements and the reactions to the post here:


The ‘Disappointment’ Statements of the Software Developer Going to the Netherlands Became the Agenda: “A Huge Sophistry”

Gürel’s statements and the video he shared later drew a great reaction on social media.

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