We Redesigned the Album Covers of Turkish Artists!

Magazines, albums, movies and even the content you are reading this article have a cover image to appeal to our eyes first. Today, we have many tools and possibilities to prepare these images.

But it wasn’t quite like that in the 90s; artists on album covers giving interesting poses He was trying to come up with something different. They were also successful, the albums released in the 90s had interesting and remarkable covers.

We also created these interesting album covers with the touch of artificial intelligence. make it more fun by redesigning we brought For this, Photoshop’s new artificial intelligence supported feature Generative FillWe used .

Note: You will see throughout our content The first images are the original album covers. No intervention was made on the original images.

Why isn’t Kenan Doğulu on the cover of this album called Festival?

Now he is at a real festival with his white handkerchief. (It could also be a wedding.)

festival album cover

Is this really “The Price of Our Love”?

baker sun

For our love, at least we can do pilates and karate at the same time.

bekir sun album cover

The reason why Yanık Fikret was “burned out” may not be well understood on the original album cover.

burn idea

If E enters the fireplace, of course it will burn.

burn idea

İbrahim Tatlıses, who was left in need of a piece of dry bread on his own album cover, said “This is not Living”.

Ibrahim Tatlises

Then let’s set the table… Well, is this what living is like?

Ibrahim Tatlises, this is not living

This T-shirt, which we saw on everyone for a while, was also a guest on Doğuş’s album cover. But we couldn’t figure out where he was looking.


Was he trying to send a message to the girl next door with his Superman T-shirt?

nativity album cover

When Demet Akalın shared this single image for the first time, it fell into the language of social media due to the combined writing of -da, which means even. (Then the image was updated as below.)

keep a bunch

We have completed this task by moving it to a suitable place through artificial intelligence.

let it touch my soul

This album cover, which we cannot understand why Rafet El Roman was wrapped in ropes, also inspired artificial intelligence.

Rafet al roman

Fortunately, we now know why he was strapped to the ropes.

Rafet al roman

There seems to be something missing on the cover of Hakkı Bulut’s album Son Letter…

cloud right

Let’s make up for the shortcomings: a family picnic, a blazing barbecue next door, and a well-fed Hakkı Bulut.

cloud right

What do you think Osman Çınar might be looking at and thinking of dying?

osman sycamore

Of course, we can’t think very well when we see the prices of fruits and vegetables in the market.

osman sycamore

Davut Güloğlu looks like he went in and out of the sea with his clothes to cool off, but it may not be so.

Davut Guloglu

Although himself, “What is Survivor next to the Black Sea?” Even though he said that, thanks to artificial intelligence, it was as if he participated in the competition.

Davut Guloglu

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