We modified the old Scooter! – It’s legendary!

Electric scooter models, which have an important place among today’s transportation vehicles, do not meet the expectations of most users with their fabrication features. SDN editor Samet Jankovic has modified his Xiaomi scooter. What has changed?

We modified the old Scooter!


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Samet Jankovic, one of the editors of SDN, wanted to modify the Xiaomi electric scooter to make it more dynamic and useful. As such, he took his breath in Teknoway. Thus, we saw the repair process of the scooters and got some information about the cost of the process. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

With the assurance of Teknoway, we have the best scooter modification products compatible with the guaranteed model, at affordable and discounted prices. Samet’s scooter was created from scratch with the scooter seat, brake change, suspension, side mirror, tire and many additional accessories.

Whether your brand KadikoyIf you want, you can go to the 4-storey store in cargo You can send your devices to Teknoway. You can also access information about the process on the company’s website.

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