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Apple offers many innovations and improvements to its users with the iOS 18 update. In this video, we discussed the remarkable features offered by iOS 18 and the effects of these features on devices.

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One of the innovations that came to the call section with iOS 18 is the ability to display the photos of the callers and the addition of contact posters. Additionally, a search feature has been added where you can check your search history.

Control Center is now more customizable. You can create different pages and add various shortcuts for quick access. Especially the option to enlarge the text provides a great advantage for users with eye problems.

With iOS 18, Apple introduced Apple Intelligence, a new artificial intelligence language model. However, all of these features will be available in 2024. Many innovations are expected, such as Siri’s ability to make more natural and intuitive movements, summarize your e-mails, and provide more detailed information on topics such as the weather.

Game Mode, introduced in iOS 18, aims to increase game performance. This mode, which increases charging performance and stabilization by limiting background processes, is an important innovation that will improve the gaming experience.

With the updates made to the Photos application, you can now better categorize the photos you take and create various albums. Features such as grouping by contacts and displaying photos according to check-ins increase the user experience.

With RCS support coming to the Messages application, iMessage users will be able to communicate with Android users in a more interactive way. Features such as sending live location and responding with emojis make messaging more fun.

You can add the shortcuts you want to the left and right side of the lock screen and personalize the lock screen. This feature will allow users to use their phones more efficiently.

With iOS 18, you can now hide applications and access them with Face ID. Confidential applications are stored in the archive, preventing unauthorized access.

By pressing and holding on apps, you can see previews of the widgets you can create. This feature will help users make their phones more functional. iOS 18 presents users with many innovations and improvements. In particular, features such as artificial intelligence and game mode aim to take the user experience to higher levels. These innovations are expected to increase further with Apple’s future updates and improvements.

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