“We have a situation that will surpass everything we have had so far”

Given new Restrictions to contain the pandemic, the protection of the constitution fears an increase in anti-constitutional agitation. It cannot be ruled out that “enemies of democracy” could “get a strong influx” in the fourth wave of Corona, said Constitutional Protection President Thomas Haldenwang on Monday at a congress on “defensive democracy” in Berlin.

Among those who misused this health crisis and the protests against government measures to spread anti-constitutional positions were people who were known to the authorities beforehand. Some of them were seen at the Islamophobic Pegida rallies or, for example, after the flood disaster in North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate. It is “always the same people” who are trying to “connect with the middle class”. That is why it is wrong to focus only on the so-called lateral thinkers. “There is a lot to do – also for the new federal government,” said Haldenwang.

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