We fixed the iPhone 13 that Samet broke!

The screen of smartphones is usually damaged first in accidents such as falling. After these accidents, we went to the Teknoway store and learned how the mobile phone modification process is done and how the process works. We delivered the iPhone 13 phone, whose back was broken by SDN editor Samet Jankovic, to Teknoway and experienced its repair. We fixed the iPhone 13.

We asked all the steps from the acceptance process of the phone to the completion of the repair process and learned the details.

We fixed iPhone 13!


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The back glass of the iPhone 13 model smartphone of Samet Jankovic, one of the SDN editors, was broken. As such, we ended up in Teknoway. Thus, we saw the repair process of the phones and got some information about the cost of the process. If you wish, let’s leave you alone with the video without further ado.

Teknoway is among the companies that attract attention for repair processes such as mobile phone modifications. We closely observed all stages of the company from device acceptance to repair and delivery.

You can get your phone to Teknoway either by going to the brand’s 4-storey store in Kadıköy or by cargo. You can also access information about the process on the company’s website.

On the other hand, apart from Teknoway’s repair services, the store sells technology devices. It should be noted that the product range is also wide. From smartphone to earphone; Various products from air cleaners to electric scooters welcome customers at Teknoway store.

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