We asked Togg CEO about the big surprise! (Is the price determined?)

Held in Las Vegas, USA and followed on-site as ShiftDelete.Net CES 2023One of the brands that left its mark on . At the press event, Togg’s on the mobility of tomorrow While the vision was displayed, the first details of the Togg pre-order process were announced. Well “How will the domestic car pre-order be?” question answered! We interviewed the CEO of Togg.

We asked Togg CEO about the big surprise!


Greeting the visitors of the Togg stand with an opening speech, Togg CEO M. Gürcan Karakaş said, ‘The technology meeting that touches the user the most in the world‘ to CES this year’Redefining Mobility with User ExperienceStating that they participated under the title ”, he said;

“We came here last year because CES is the biggest platform where technology touches the user. We are here this year, having accomplished what we promised to do in 2022. We started the mass production of our first smart device in Europe’s cleanest campus, and we will introduce it to our users starting from Turkey at the end of March.

We are present at CES 2023 with a content emphasizing the ‘Smart Device’, ‘Digital Platform’, ‘Clean Energy Solutions’ and ‘Building Blocks of Development’, which we describe in 4 dimensions around the concept of USECASE Mobility, which we have registered globally. This year, we are again underlining the concepts of ‘born electric’, ‘born sustainable’, ‘born digital’ and natural green’ through digital art.

The new world will be shaped entirely digitally and will go beyond our dreams. The user cannot see or know where this world will go from today. We are proactively shaping that world by coming together with the players we add to the ecosystem on our digital platform Trumore, which we will open to all users shortly.

We redefine playgrounds. We anticipate the needs of users that they are not yet aware of, and we are working for this.” said.

Reminding that they chose the method of direct contact with the user in their sales strategy, M. Gürcan Karakaş said;

In global competition, those who are close to the user are more successful. We will directly bring our smart devices to our users and organize the sales directly ourselves. We will serve in a structure that puts the user in the center and blends digital and physical experience.

In February, we will open orders and start introducing our first smart devices to our users at the end of the first quarter. We will deliver orders throughout 2023, with priority for individual users. Our users can participate in a competition on the Trumore platform or, if they wish, by drawing lots. Right to pre-order Togg smart devices they can achieve.

The NFT (Qualified Intellectual Deed) collection, which we will produce specially for the centennial of our Republic and put up for sale by auction. The right to participate in the pre-order of 2023 smart devices and it will offer sort priority.

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