“We are all preparing for a triage” – RKI reports 76,414 new infections

In schools it is currently coming Corona outbreaks are much more common again. That goes from the Weekly report of the Robert Koch Institute published on Thursday evening. “After a brief decline during the autumn break, now a very rapid increase observed. ”Accordingly, 1265 outbreaks were last reported within four weeks, it said. However, the past two weeks are not yet assessable. On average, it affects younger students more often than older ones.

Currently the Number of school breakouts “very clearly” above the maximum level of the second wave. At the beginning of November, around three times more outbreaks were reported per week than in the previous year at this time. “Given the increased frequency of outbreaks, the easier transferability of the delta variant and also the expanded test activities probably play a role, with infections, including asymptomatic ones, being detected at an early stage.”

In the fourth corona wave, according to the RKI, there are a particularly large number of positive corona proofs on children and adolescents. The seven-day incidence in the week up to last Sunday was more than twice as high in the 5 to 9 year olds (829) and in the 10 to 14 year olds (921) as the average for the population (414). However, students are also tested for Corona particularly frequently.

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