Watch Out for These Altcoin Projects: They May Surprise You in the Bulls! Here’s How…

Privacy is one of the biggest trends in crypto. At the same time, privacy and decentralization are coming back big time on Web3. In this article, we take a look at 3 privacy-focused projects that Altcoin Buzz analyst Stu L expects to explode in the next bull.

Ahead of the next bull, these 3 privacy-focused altcoins should be on the radar

The analyst’s first choice was Tomi (TOMI), which is not yet well known. Tomi has an extremely ambitious decentralized web plan. But this is not a privacy altcoin per se. Their plans focus on a completely decentralized internet.

Meanwhile, terel token TOMI entered the top 100 in market value. After all, if you’re a project built on Amazon Web Services, you can only be so decentralized because you’re tied to Amazon. But altcoins don’t work that way. They use encrypted servers…

Privacy and decentralization are great, but they also need to be accessible and useful. Tomi also meets these features. Tomi uses the Ethereum network. TomiPay wallet supports many networks. It’s not just EVM. It supports Bitcoin, Cardano, Solana and many more.

What you need to know about Tomi

Another part of Tomi’s freedom-based internet is centralizing the registered domain name process. Instead of relying on ICANN, you can create your own domain name. Here Tomi uses an exciting new business model:

  1. Domain names
  2. auctions
  3. Auction for domain names
  4. User gets 25% back of final mint amount

Meanwhile, all auctions will end on May 15, 2024, and the highest bidder will receive the URL domain permanently with no renewal fees. TomiBrowsers use IPFS and a decentralized cloud backbone to let you access sites anywhere. Leveraging the best of Chromium, Brave, and Tor, this browser lets you browse quickly, efficiently, and privately. Currently TOMI is available on Kucoin, Bybit, Huobi,, MEXC,, Bitget, Phemex or Poloniex. Subsequent listings for the altcoin will provide additional volatility.

Oasis Protocol (ROSE)

The Oasis Protocol attacks privacy a little differently. First, they have hidden smart contracts. So when you make a transaction with someone else or another app, it will remain private. The altcoin project is also Layer 1 Blockchain and EVM compatible. Also, Oasis has the popular OPL. OPL is the Oasis Privacy Layer. This layer is a plug-and-play privacy solution. Anyone developing dApp for EVM can take this solution and add privacy to their applications.

This is a huge improvement in terms of privacy. We now prefer someone to develop with privacy in mind from the very beginning. But this is a great solution to increase privacy across all of Web3. In addition to all this, altcoin ROSE has fallen 24% in the last 12 months for no apparent reason.

Aleph Zero (AZERO)

Aleph Zero is another of analysts’ favorites in the privacy space. The altcoin team recently launched a $50 million ecosystem fund to help it grow as they look to compete with and surpass Solana. This is a specific goal of the team.

They also have their own on-Blockchain domain and identity service called AZERO.ID. This way you can both register your own domain name and use it as an identity to interact with other AZERO applications. This, of course, means more seamless application and ecosystem use.

They are now integrated with Ledger. Thus, Ledger wallet users can make transactions without any problems. So good things are happening between them. But they are also being defeated. It has decreased by 12% in the last 30 days and by 35% in the last year. As we reported, Altcoin Buzz analysts included AZERO in their list of high-potential picks this week.

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