Watch out for 4 apps that steal user information in seconds!

With the development of the mobile industry, all private information has now started to be transferred to smart phones. For this reason, it is possible to describe these small smart boxes as a wallet that contains sensitive data and can cause both material and moral damages if it is in the hands of someone else. At this point, it is necessary to pay attention to malware that looks like a mobile application but secretly contains trojans. It has been announced that four more trojans have been detected in the Google Play Store in four mobile applications.

Here are the applications with trojans that steal user data

Last week, we shared the information that 16 malware has been detected in the Google Play Store, which has been downloaded more than 20 million times in total. New ones have been added today and The Mirror is on the platform. Mobile apps Group announced that four trojan mobile applications released by a developer named

Malwarebytes According to security experts, although these applications may seem like normal software at first, they secretly contain trojans. After it is installed on the target device, it allows users to capture critical data, including bank information. phishing websitesthey direct.

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Popular iOS feature is coming from Google Messages

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The most popular of these four applications is Bluetooth Auto Connect. The software in question debuted in October 2020 and has been downloaded more than one million times in total. At this point, Google said that the applications have been removed from the Play Store as of now, and warned that users who have previously installed trojan software on their devices should delete them without wasting time.

Here are the mobile applications with four trojans detected in the Google Play Store

  • Bluetooth AutoConnect
  • Mobile transfer: smart switch
  • Bluetooth App Sender
  • Driver: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB

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