Was the Finale of the Inception Movie a Dream or a Reality?

All of Christopher Nolan’s films are above a certain quality, but some are above average. One of them is undoubtedly 2010’s Inception.

The master director, who deals with confusing, thought-provoking and complex stories, with the final scene of the movie Inception. He managed to divide the audience in two..

Since Inception has been released 13 years However, the discussions about the finale of the film did not completely end. Dozens of theories were produced, studies and readings were made. But at the end of the day, the “dream or reality” debate has come a long way.

Does the top fall or does it keep spinning?

As you may recall, in the final sequence of the movie, Leonardo DiCaprioThe character of Dom Cobb, played by , gets permission to enter the United States and reunites with his children. To find out if you’re dreaming spinner with totem He takes it out and starts spinning it on the table. As the top starts to spin, Cobb encounters his children and sees his children running towards him, leaving the totem and hugging his children. As the top continues to spin, the camera approaches the top and the screen is black!

One side of this final dream that the other side real believed it was. In fact, a serious audience argued that after the movie was over, they heard a sound that Cobb’s totem spinner had fallen.

Director Christopher Nolan spoke about the subject in his speech at Princeton University in 2015. he said:

“Cobb is now in his own subjective reality. He doesn’t care if he’s dreaming or not. that’s where she feels she belongs now. The main purpose of that scene; To show that Cobb’s focus is no longer on the spinning top, but on his children. Cobb has left that behind now.”

Christopher Nolan’s Inception story open-ended obviously finished. He wants the audience to make sense of the movie with their own ideas.

But master player Michael Caine, He might have messed up the secret a little bit.

Inception (2010)

The star actor who gave life to the character of Professor Stephen Miles in the movie Inception A story he told in 2018puts an end to the “dream or reality” debate.

Caine: “I was a little confused when I read the Inception script. ‘Which is a dream and which is real?’ I asked. Nolan told me ‘If you’re on the stage, that scene isn’t a dream, it’s real.’ said.”

At the end of the movie Michael Caine appears!

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of those who don’t understand what happened in the finale.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Christopher Nolan

DiCaprio, the lead role of the movie, will be released in 2020. WTF With Marc Maron by participating in the podcast that he had no idea what happened in the final had confessed: I have no idea. You are only focused on your own character. Everyone was always trying to solve this puzzle when it came to Chris Nolan, his mind, and how these pieces of the movie were put together. The finale of the movie is a situation that changes according to one’s point of view, I guess.

Nolan does this all the time.

Christopher Nolan

Christopher Nolan and his brother, Jonathan Nolan, particularly prefer the audience to ponder the film in their scripts. When we look at Nolan’s filmography, almost every movie has its own mystery and complexity. But this complexity is not empty. Every decision in the script has a basis. That’s why you can’t find major logic errors in Nolan’s films because every detail is elaborated. memento, The Prestige, Interstellar and tenet Films like these are the best examples of this.

All this “dream or reality” debate aside; the fact that a movie has been talked about and discussed for years, gives the same taste every time you watch it, and contains messages about life. a description of the power and influence of the art of cinema..


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