Warning For Bitcoin Rally From US Banking Giant JPMorgan: Take Profit!

US banking giant JPMorgan suggested its investors to take profits, arguing that the high performance of risk assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) and stocks is unfounded.

By Mislav Matejka, JPMorgan Strategist January 16 In a report written on stock, Bitcoin and crypto assets like risk assets new year fast made an entry but that performance off the ground claimed it was.

Analyst current rally first quarter towards the end it will slow down with a portion of investors’ portfolios to get profit to prepare for future opportunities good He suggested it might be a move.

matejka The US Federal Reserve (FED) decisions, which are encountered in efforts to reduce global inflation. your failures, relatively weakening earnings or investment budgets. throttling, the direction of the trend will change one of the reasons may be expressed. In addition, cyclical stocks have increased in recent months. defense compared to the current rally suspicion to approach with reasonable a why Underlining that it is a partial economic slowing down pointed out that it could harm the economy.

Analyst is at an early stage of the market’s reversal trend. in recovery acted as such, but the Fed’s interest rate hikes are yet to come. did not complete stressed. In the report, the rise, for which there is no sufficient basis, is a recent phenomenon. Block by encountering back off Therefore, investors have risk part of their assets liquidation to profit by leery It was stated that there would be an action.

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