WandaVision Wins Two Emmys

Marvel Studios won its first Emmy awards with WandaVision, which received very good reviews since its release. The mini-series, which was nominated in 23 categories, won 2 awards and made a good start for Marvel Studios in this field.

WandaVision started broadcasting last winter and received positive feedback from the masses. Planned as a mini-series and Finalist with the 9th episode ‘I wonder if there will be a second season?’ Although questions began to circulate, the director of the series upset the fans by announcing that there would be no second season.

WandaVision, which has the distinction of being the first series connected with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, was a “thinking rather than funny” series for 9 episodes, even though it was referred to as a sitcom. Every aspect critically acclaimed series, He got his reward with the Emmys he won.

23 nominations, 2 awards:

WandaVision at the 73rd Emmy Primetime awards overall It received 23 nominations. WandaVision won two of these nominations, Outstanding Production Design For A Narrative Program – Half-Hour and Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes (Outstanding Fantasy/Sci-Fi Costumes). It earned Marvel Studios two Emmy awards.


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WandaVision wasn’t the only series that made Marvel smile at the Emmys. It is also another Disney+ series. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was nominated in five categories. We can say that it is a great success that the series found themselves at the Emmys at the very beginning of the road, especially after Marvel’s not being included in the Oscar scene for a long time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure that has been going on for years. Marvel’s first Oscar nomination was for Black Panther in 2019.

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